SLINGBOX CLASSIC back in stock for £71.60 delivered after voucher @ Expansys

SLINGBOX CLASSIC back in stock for £71.60 delivered after voucher @ Expansys

Found 28th Mar 2009
Slingbox Classic at bargain price again. With built-in freeview tuner a much better buy than new generation Slingbox Solo, and overall not all that far off the Slingbox Pro which retails at around £169 (IMHO - feel free to submit your comments) (I feel HDMI connectivity is not all that crucial considering the compression you will have when streaming over the net).

Use voucher codes EKN3420035,TAP6762947, TAP4584921 or EKN5335983 for this price - and choose Royal Mail delivery option.

Here the details:

The Slingbox CLASSIC allows you to watch and control your favourite TV source from anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile phone. So now you can watch your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player wherever you see fit. With the Slingbox CLASSIC, you? never have to be separated from your favourite TV shows and sporting events again.

Single Input:
Connects one standard definition device, such as your cable set top box or satellite receiver.

Built-in Cable Tuner:
Features an integrated analog tuner for access to your basic cable line-up without changing your set-top box channel on your home TV.

No Monthly Fees:
Watch and control your TV and its programming on your compatible cell phone, PDA, laptop or desktop with no monthly subscription fee.

SlingRemote looks and acts exactly like your real remote control at home, giving you full control over your viewing experience. From changing channels to setting a DVR to record, you can do it using buttons right on your computer screen.

Slingbox Directory:
The Slingbox Directory is where you can easily view all the available Slingbox connections in your network and add additional Slingboxes.

Three Viewing Modes:
SlingBar?docks the SlingPlayer (the TV screen) on either the right or left of the desktop, letting you watch television and work with other applications simultaneously. Or, if you want the big picture, you can watch TV in full-screen mode.

SlingStream is our groundbreaking technology designed to address varying network conditions to optimize your viewing experience.

Customizable Settings:
Extensive customizable settings, including a Favourites Bar and Manual Audio and Video controls, allow you to fine-tune your viewing experience.

What devices can I connect?
- DVB-T Freeview Set-top Box
- Digital Cable Set-top Box
- Aerial/Coaxial Antenna*
- Digital Video Recorder (DVR) such as Sky, Virgin Media or one provided by your cable/satellite provider
- DVD Player/Recorder
- Satellite Receiver such as Sky
- Video/Security Camera
- Windows Media Center
*Includes built in Freeview DVB Tuner.

In the box:
Box Contents Slingbox (PAL Version)
Software CD ROM
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guide
2 Composite AV Cables
S-Video Cables
Remote Control IR Cable
Aerial Cable
UK to EU plug converter


I've seen this advertised in numerous places and I can read what it says about controlling your TV source from anywhere in the world by PC etc but I don't understand what exactly you do.

What precisely happens when you are in anothe country and have PC access and suddenly realise you want to record something later that night.

Do you have to have this slingbox with you, or is it at home plugged into the TV or PC or DVD recorder or something?
What do you do on your PC in France to make your DVD recorder etc record that show you wanted?

Never seen simple answers to this which is why I've never bothered.


What happens is that you attach your slingbox to a sky box, freeview or dvd - you then attach this to your network router.

You can now access your attached device through a supported Sling device (without the actual slingbox) i.e laptop, mobile phone (this must be connected to a high speed internet source such as broadband or HSDPA). Once logged into the Sling application you can control your device through their remote control which will have the same functions as your remote at home - this means that you can then change channel, press record etc.

Does that help? Hope it makes sense.


no HDMI, no point. Cold

Thanks Oddsocksjamie,

Let me see if I get this right:
1/. The Slingbox has a connection to your recorder AND also to the router (is this only ethernet connection, or can it use wifi?)
2/. Once abroad or whatever, with PC access, you log onto the sling website and this has an onscreen remote. This on-screen remote then works on the Slingbox at home to set the recorder, or to watch live by streaming.

Sorry if I appear thick !
Many thanks !

Hello Mate

1. Ethernet (wired) only - but you can use a wireless bridge (a gaming adapter) for wireless or (better) a homeplug solution.

2. At the remote location you need either (a) a PC/Laptop with the Slingplayer software installed (which is free) or (b) a mobile handset with slingplayer (not free) software installed. The software allows your device to connect back to the Slingbox and to control your Sky box etc

By the way, whoever said "No HDMI no Point" is missing the point. this device is primarily designed to let you watch and control your Sky/Cable across the internet, and at those bitrates HD and HDMI is irrelevant. You can also use them to stream TV around your home, where HD may become relevant. Other SlingBox options are available for this.

£70+ seems dear for this though, they were sub £50 a year ago. Best price around at present though so "hot"

Original Poster

slingplayer for iphone is about to be released


no HDMI, no point. Cold

I think you don't know what this is for.

Another thing to note is that unless you are with Three (and using X-Series) you'll have to fork out additional money (around £15) for the mobile version of the player software. It is free to use for 30 days though.

The PC viewer client is free though.

Is it still possible to get one of these for free when adding x-series gold to your three contract? I was thinking about buying one and already have a three contract.


slingplayer for iphone is about to be released

Slingbox for iphone is not supported on older slingboxes
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