Slingbox Classic Only £49.95

Slingbox Classic Only £49.95

Found 21st Jan 2008Made hot 21st Jan 2008
Found at Waitrose Home & Food Cheltenham, was £75.

The Slingbox CLASSIC allows you to watch and control your favourite TV source from anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile phone. So now you can watch your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player wherever you see fit. With the Slingbox CLASSIC, youll never have to be separated from your favourite TV shows and sporting events again.


great price for the classic, although expect prices to drop as the latest model becomes more widely available.

could not find this when i went to deal:?:?

I got this free from Three, with my E65. It works well on my mobile and my laptop via wi-fi.
Good price.

very good deal!!!


could not find this when i went to deal:?:?

Why don't people ever read the description? :thinking:

is this only in store? there are not many stores with Home depts..


Why does the title state £49.95 when the text reads £75??

Thanks for the post though sboy2010.

the writing in the text states "was £75"

Got one of these - they're awesome and even moreso at this price. 2. Write on a blackboard with this (sounds like) + a vowel + not early

How do I find which stores have Home Depts ?
I went to the Waitrose website, and the "store finder", and it doesn't let you filter on that.
I looked at the details of 5 stores, and none mentioned being a home store, so either it doesn't have that information, or all 5 coincidentally weren't home stores ?

Never seen the point of these.

What practical use is it ?

You are on holiday and you want to watch a TV program from home ? ! ?

well my commute in the morning is 1.5 hours to work so I can see a use for having it on my mobile....

I went to Waitrose Canary Wharf, none in. Brent Cross have 2 left

sorry if this is a stupid question,
can you stream video from PC to TV with this??



Slingbox lets you stream from DVD/Sat/Sky to PC.

Not PC to TV.
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