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Free G&T at participatiing Slug and Lettuce pubs
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Posted 13th Sep 2018Posted 13th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Free G&T at participatiing Slug and Lettuce pubs
Claiming your G&T is easy.Submit your name and email address below.Check your email for your voucher code and a list of participating locations.Present your voucher code at you… Read more

I posted the locations in my original post for everyone's information, so you don't need to click out if it's not running near you. Last I checked us southerners are in the UK, just like you. And we're not all wealthy. The deal is valid for everyone, not just people who take trains for work, which is why I thought it'd be nice to share. But please, vote it cold just because you live up north and think all southerners have got it made.


Wealthy southerners, wow sweeping statement with no basis in fact! Literally millions of people there who live on next to nothing. I was not going to vote as there are none near me. However I have voted hot to cancel out your nonsense. :)


Nothing up north and we've had the worst delays in years since they changed the time tables. Give away to the wealthy southerners. COLD


Brilliant - thankyou!!

Free Mojito at Slug and Lettuce bars
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Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
Free Mojito at Slug and Lettuce bars
Completely free mojitos at Slug and Lettuce bars when it's hot this summer! 1. Promotion Period: Opens from 00:00 on 01/06/18 until the closing date 23:59 inclusive 31/07/18. Rede… Read more
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I was told by a S&L staff member yesterday that people are doing it wrong. You only need to get one code and use that same code every two days. If you keep getting more codes to the same email address they get cancelled.


Anyone know how Promotion Open until 31July, but redemption open until 31 August, yet codes expire after 48 hours. :/ Stressing as I am away until August.😵


The ts and cs state that it is when the temperature is above 20 degrees but not clear if that is when the voucher was received or when it was used


This is a great deal!


I got told it's when the temperature is over 30c by the bar manager at Manchester one yesterday but he still honoured it :/

50% Off Food @ Slug & Lettuce on Monday
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Posted 12th Jun 2016Posted 12th Jun 2016
50% Off Food @ Slug & Lettuce on Monday£3
From a full English with a coffee for £3ish to a steak for £6ish, well worth a visit on a Monday Brunch Menu… Read more

I didn't know about this but thank you if up in central london know meals half price on Monday- cheers :p


And "Wine Wednesday" all bottles are £11.45 @ Weybridge (prices may vary) lol


I've not heard of this so thanks. Especially as I found out on Saturday that they do half price cocktails all day everyday in Glasgow. Will be visiting some Monday soon. Heat added.


Plenty good enough mate


Voted Hot but more likely to get a Slug in your Lettuce at a place like this :)

50% off food every Monday in The slug and lettuce
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Posted 20th Aug 2013Posted 20th Aug 2013
50% off food every Monday in The slug and lettuce
50% off food every Monday in The slug and lettuce. We was today and the bill was £24.00 for 3 adults and 1 child included drinks for £10.00 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Its been this way for donkeys!


I believe it is acceptable to re-flag long-term deals such as this from time to time....


It's always been 50% off on a monday, have you only just noticed?

Kids eat for a Quid on Sundays @ Slug & Lettuce
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Posted 2nd Mar 2013Posted 2nd Mar 2013
Kids eat for a Quid on Sundays @ Slug & Lettuce
Just noticed this offer on the Slug & Lettuce website. Seems pretty good that kids can get a main, drink and dessert for only £1 when an adult dines. It's also available on Mot… Read more

Not surprised they're eating for only a quid if slug and lettuce is on the menu.

50 % off food on mondays @ Slug & Lettuce
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Posted 31st Dec 2012Posted 31st Dec 2012
50 % off food on mondays @ Slug & Lettuce
Just a reminder that the slug and lettuce do 50 % off all food on Mondays - even when it's a bank holiday or special day. So even tomorrow 31st its on and I just booked! Just an i… Read more
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Check the following that allows 50% every day until 13th Jan


Dont know why I never go into the Newcastle one of these, looks canny


Link does not appear to be working.


Slugs.... my mate has a drunken thing where he hunts for slugs and then licks them, rather than salt when having tequilas!! Bizarre I know!!


Atmosphere. Slug and Ant. All you true hip hop heads will know who I'm talking about. Now that's one slug you can love!

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Happy mondays 50% off total food bill at Slug and Lettuce
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Posted 3rd Dec 2012Posted 3rd Dec 2012
Happy mondays 50% off total food bill at Slug and Lettuce
Not sure if been posted before and is a national deal which is every monday been going on for some time now. Just thought others might wanna know, food is good and cheap already at… Read more
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thanks heat added


Everyone has their own opinion.. same as a lot of places, one day somewhere will be really good and the next not so good.


Funny, the London Bridge one sprang to mind for me when I was thinking poor Slug & Lettuce grub I've had in the past.


But the portions are good and the food is average (if not above). There is one in london bridge which is pretty nice!


Yes it has been going on for long time.. I been there lots and only once has the food not been the best... however need to choose the right time to go when not too busy as you cant make reservations on Monday with this deal

50% off food on Mondays - Happy Mondays @ Slug & Lettuce
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Posted 25th Jun 2012Posted 25th Jun 2012LocalLocal
50% off food on Mondays - Happy Mondays @ Slug & Lettuce
One of the best deals on food out on a Monday! 50% off, bringing many meals to under £5 (food prices are already reasonably priced). Here's the blurb: Mondays are rarely easy – so… Read more
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We have used the one in Swinegate, York a few times and been really happy with the food and the service.


Does anyone know if this will be on, on Christmas Eve (Monday?)


Definitely going to have to try this. Is the food good?


I confirm this "offer" has been about for years, (plus other regular offers if you sign up to the newsletters), however I've had the shepherds pie there a few times and rather enjoyed it (the slug and lettuce between Leicester square and Chinatown). They can get a little busy on Mondays what with people taking advantage of this deal (sometimes booking a table is a good idea) but I've not had a bad meal there


Half price on Monday or Double price Tuesday to Sunday?

2 for 1 Curries on Tuesday ( and 2 for 1 on all food on Monday) at the Slug & Lettuce
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Posted 5th Apr 2011Posted 5th Apr 2011
2 for 1 Curries on Tuesday ( and 2 for 1 on all food on Monday) at the Slug & Lettuce
As far as i can remember our Slug has always done 2 for 1 on all food on Monday - but i went today and they are doing 2 for 1 Curries on Tuesday now too. I asked and its a nationa… Read more
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delicious slug and lettuce meal. Get ANYTHING of the menu and get 50% of your food bill!!! Every Monday (Valentines people)!!!
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Posted 11th Feb 2011Posted 11th Feb 2011
delicious slug and lettuce meal. Get ANYTHING of the menu and get 50% of your food bill!!! Every Monday (Valentines people)!!!
This is what the slug says: Happy Mondays We know that Mondays can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, so when you visit any Slug on any Monday we will be happy to discount 50% off… Read more
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well we ate there on the 14th, and the offer was valid, as was the 2 for 1 on all desserts...:)


im pretty sure if u rang up they would say the offer not available for tomorrow since its valentines... and people do crazy things for valentines... like spend £50 on roses that would normally cost a fiver!!




The Slug in Leamington shut down a few months ago. I assumed that they'd gone bust.


Slug & Lettuce are keeping this offer on for Valentine's Day, whereas many other restaurants are excluding it from their special offers.

Main Course @ Slug and Lettuce £1 when another at full price
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Posted 29th Jan 2011Posted 29th Jan 2011
Main Course @ Slug and Lettuce £1 when another at full price£1
MAIN COURSE FOR £1 – WHEN YOU BUY ANOTHER AT FULL PRICE 1–13 FEBRUARY * Cannot be used in Slug O2 when events are taking place in the arena. Not in conjunction with any other vo… Read more
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Agreed the 50% offer is much better As that includes starters, desserts and any additonal food items. We had a great dinner there a few weeks ago and paid very little. Wouldn't say this is rip off britain at all when there are deals like this around Food and service were also pretty good


My thoughts exactly, I know it's daft but I've never wanted to go in one.because of the off-putting name.


Slug and lettuce? I don't know if I can eat that. I'm not french after all.


I thought that girls were supposed to have the last word.


Not having one anywhere near me I haven't heard of this chain before. How on earth did they become successful with a name like that working against them? oO

Valentines Day 3 course meal at slug and lettuce £12 per person
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Posted 25th Jan 2010Posted 25th Jan 2010
Valentines Day 3 course meal at slug and lettuce £12 per person£12
VALENTINES DAY SET MENU 3 COURSES: £12 per person Starters choose one of the following: (V) Todays soup, served with croutons. (V) Tomato, red onion & mozzarella bruschetta Ch… Read more
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Doesn't appear to apply to the Leeds one, don't know about others.

25% off all FOOD and DRINK today at Slug and Lettuce....
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Posted 3rd Dec 2009Posted 3rd Dec 2009
25% off all FOOD and DRINK today at Slug and Lettuce....
I was looking where to go and eat tonight and found the Slug and Lettuce Christmas Vouchers... 25% off all FOOD and DRINK today at Slug and long as you wear something… Read more

yeh that's always on but it is food only. Today is food and DRINK:whistling: I'm out on Broad Street Birmingham tonight so will have a few pints of Peroni at half price;-)


Also its 50% off on a Monday. Link here:

50% off all food, every Monday at Slug & Lettuce (In Pub Only!)
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Posted 28th Apr 2009Posted 28th Apr 2009
50% off all food, every Monday at Slug & Lettuce (In Pub Only!)
Went to Brindley Place, Birmingham today and noticed this deal advertised outside a nearby Slug & Lettuce. Thought it was worth a mention ;) I'm there the next Monday I have … Read more
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bump :) just found this out in my local at derby, great as i get a 2 hour lunch on mondays !!


Shenanigans, East Kilbride 2 meals for £8.50 and on bank holiday Monday. ive just checked


Not on for 4th May bank holiday tho


Been going for some months now. Not impressed with food or service at my local Slug, unfortunately.


this has been going on since last year

Free Menu Tasting for Slug and Lettuce members on Weds 15th October
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Posted 9th Oct 2008Posted 9th Oct 2008
Free Menu Tasting for Slug and Lettuce members on Weds 15th October
This month Slug & Lettuce are introducing their new Autumn menu which 'Slug Club' members can try for free! Book your place at their free tasting night on Wednesday 15th Octob… Read more

I'm really sad now I thought that's how they would all have been


Thats because you are a PIEMASTER


portsmouth sounds similar to the bournemouth version.. a bit slow to start with but eventually the were bringing out plenty for everyone as we sat at our tables and waited.. no desserts tho! which my g/f was NOT happy about! but i was full on pie so perhaps it was a blessing really..


Oh dear... It was a totally different scene in Portsmouth (Gunwharf). Everyone was seated, and remained so - apart from going to the bar. The waiters brought out each dish and served to each table (one per person usually). The dishes came out in fairly quick succession too. Sounds much more civilised than Cardiff. We had : Olives Nuts Baby peppers stuffed with soft cheese Chicken skewers wrap/tortilla Mushroom risotto Chicken carbonara another wrap Chips Reggae Reggae chicken burger Apple pie White Chocolate cheesecake (and probably something I forgot)......[edit] Steak & Mushroom pie There were a few extra of each sometimes available.


Oh what a terrible ordeal that was. it was like a bun fight with waiters putting two plates of food out at a time on a table surrounded by at least 50 people. There were 4 of us and we had a few olives two small red peppers and two battered sweetcorn between us. Never again. Just can't understand what they gained from it as People were walking out in disgust. Hopfully this was just in the Cardiff Bar and othere places were more organised.

50% off ALL food, ALL day, every Monday
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Posted 9th Oct 2008Posted 9th Oct 2008
50% off ALL food, ALL day, every Monday
No voucher or hidden terms as far as I can see. Just go to your local Slug & Lettuce on a Monday and all the food is half price. I'm not sure if you can use this in conjuncti… Read more

I've been frequenting these guys quiet regularly most Mondays (yes, the waistline is increasing as we speak) and the food is fantastic. To only pay 50% for such quality food is amazing. Current fave is a double Slug's Ultimate Burger... should fill you up well into dinner time! Not sure if you'll got much work done after eating this though...


can kids go in the slug & lettuces?? We are having a meal monday so looks ideal!:p


I went to the same 1 2 years ago, ordered a pea soup and a chicken carbonara that was really salty, was not impressed for a 1st time visit :x but may give it another go as its 50% off food :)


This place is so incredibly expensive for a pub....worth a look at this price...have some heat


I went to the Slug on Deansgate Manchester with work-mates the other week to use my Tesco clubcard vouchers .. I initially thought the food was expensive for "pub" food, £10 ish for burger & chips.. but to be honest the food we got was so superior to the usual stuff that gets thrown at you in pubs.. we all agreed it would actually be worth paying the full price :) So the half price deal on Mondays is great !!

50% off food at Slug and Lettuce (Coupon in New of The World)
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Posted 17th Aug 2008Posted 17th Aug 2008
50% off food at Slug and Lettuce (Coupon in New of The World)
Coupon in todays News of the World magazine (p 72) giving 50% off food at Slug and Lettuce.Valid 17/8 - 9/9 exc Bank Holiday weekend, Sun - Thurs only. Not a bad deal if you are b… Read more
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I've 2 spare vouchers if anyone wants them


anyone got a spare voucher ????? Could they send it to me ???? curly at hush dot com ???


Funny. You never know you may find a "Slug in the Lettuce". :whistling:


anybody also willing to give me thier slug and lettuce voucher pleaseeee


Could i have the voucher please? My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks a bunch!

Slug and Lettuce Various Deals
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Posted 3rd Jul 2008Posted 3rd Jul 2008
Slug and Lettuce Various Deals
sign up to Slug and Lettuce and received a £5 voucher towards £10 worth of food. once you receive newsletters there are loads of offers this month they have a free taste session a… Read more

SERIUOSLY!!! would you really want to eat in a S&L????? discount or not discount!

Free Food at the Slug & Lettuce Chain - Weds 30th July
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Posted 2nd Jul 2008Posted 2nd Jul 2008
Free Food at the Slug & Lettuce Chain - Weds 30th July
Sign up for the slug and lettuice newsletter by following the links to your local S&L, then join the 'I heart slug' club. And, on… Read more

Already a member and not bothered to read the e-mail, have now obviously. Thanks!


Ah cool, my bad :) shame I can't reverse my vote now ;)


glad that it's working for everyone :whistling:


Enrolled for the £5.00 voucher this morning, got July's newsletter at 2pm this afternoon.


Got a free £5 off voucher and only have to spend a tenner....cheers, voted hot

Champagne Fridays at Slug & Lettuce. Bottle of Duval-Leroy (NV) champagne.. for £20
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Posted 30th Apr 2008Posted 30th Apr 2008
Champagne Fridays at Slug & Lettuce. Bottle of Duval-Leroy (NV) champagne.. for £20£20
Champagne Fridays! Slug and Lettuce are trendy bars serving modern and traditional good food and great selection of wines, beers, champagnes and cocktails. Every Friday from 5pm … Read more

This is a good deal / Hot


I'm sorry, that sucks for you and it is hilariously dim of whoever banned you! Champers for £ it's just the bottle filled with cider ;) Not that most of the people in S&L down here wouldn know the difference! I would go but alas the OH is out tonight and I don't fancy drinking the whole thing myself!


well I got banned, for one day, for this post! Because I pretended I was someone else.. I didn't pretend, I was just being silly by commenting my own deal!


Oh yeah, COLD deal.


ROFL :lol: