SlumberSacs - Baby Sleeping bags £9.99 (were £20) at TKMaxx

SlumberSacs - Baby Sleeping bags £9.99 (were £20) at TKMaxx

Found 11th Feb 2008
A realistic price for a normally overpriced essential!

Baby sleeping bags have become an essential part of the bedtime routine, the safe and comfortable way for all babies to sleep. SLUMBERSAC simply replace duvets, blankets and top sheets. Baby cannot kick off, or slip down under the covers, remaining at a comfortable temperature while getting plenty of freedom to kick and wriggle. SLUMBERSAC come in three sizes in a wide range of colours and designs in both 1 tog and 2.5 tog.

These seem to be in good stock at our Wolves branch, tho hidden round the corner out of sight.
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Any idea what sizes they have?
0-3, 6-12, 12 onwards in Wolves branch. And quite a wide selection of designs in 1 & 2.5 tog.
Gr8 Will check out the Chester branch and see what they have. thanx!
Be aware though that the worst cover-kicking offenders (like my son as a baby) just love kicking their legs around and are likely to have a screaming tantrum until this is taken back off them again... what a waste of money for me LOL
We bought one of these just before Christmas and can really recommend them. We tried one for our eldest daughter when she was about 3 months and have never looked back. Our 7 month old sleeps right through in hers too.

Ours came with a basic room thermometer which was very handy. You can pay £25+ for similar Growbag's.
T K Maxx do Gro bags too for only £15
My daughter loved these too, but then again she preferred to be swaddled too
thanks for this. picked up two in the chelmsford branch for our imminent arrival (due on thursday!) although they didn't work well for our 2 year old when a babe, am hopeful that they may help number 2 go through the night!
Gotta say our little one is a real midnight kicker and these really are the way forwards. Also there's no worry about your baby disappearing below the covers in the night.
Long sleeved vests can alleviate cold little arms too!
We use these on our 7 month old have done since she was big enough as a baby she used to kick off blanket then moan that it was off her had no problems at all.. :thumbsup:

Oh and if worried about cold hands recommed socks on hands!!
We are onto our 3rd size of slumbersacs now as my daughter is now 19 months.

I love them and usually buy here…tml they have special offers and stuff too. I've just bought a 1 tog for the summer at a reduced price.

I love the different designs, and at these prices she can have a few different ones
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