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Slush Puppie 9047 Slushie Machine - Blue £34.99 + Free Click and Collect / £4.95 Delivery @ Robert Days

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Posted 20th Jul 2022

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Was £52.99
Liven up the party or bring a barbecue to life with this classic Slush Puppie Machine/Snow Cone Maker, made by the legendary Slush Puppie brand! Included with this machine is a jug, mixing paddle, ice shaving chamber, and lid, so the only extras you will need is plenty of ice cubes and some delicious slushie syrup to enjoy.

No longer limited to the cinema or seaside, thanks to the Slush Puppie Slushie Machine, you can enjoy all the sugary goodness from the comfort of your own home! Making around 1L of slush at a time, this impressive gadget is just like a regular Slush Puppie maker, but smaller – it even gives you the option of choosing whether you like it fine or coarse!


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    Enter Promo Code SS22TS2 for £5 Off , Just to let you know
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    If you have a blender just blender ice and then add the syrup and stir

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    Yeah that’s is all a slush is you can make your own tango ones by freeze tango in ice cubes and it taste just like the ice blast you get at cinemas
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    we got it for my daughter for Christmas only cost £35 bare in mind you don't get any syrups with the machine but you can buy them on amazon and so on. its a really good machine. We have used it a lot and it can make a fair bit of slush. We use store bought ice (chunky cylinder type ice). never had it jam up like some reviews have stated. Maybe this is down to the type of ice.

    its essentially an ice shaving machine so no salt or cold required. its really simple pour the syrup into the jug to the line and the ice into the top and turn it on. (edited)
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    I've got the older style one that you have to add loads of salt to and it takes half an hour to make something resembling a slush puppy .. is this one any better?
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    We have a Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker, and I freeze fresh orange /fruit juice etc in ice cube trays then crush them in it rather than buying the syrup.
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    One of those items that you think you need but end up hardly ever using.... Bought it for the kids and I think it's been used literally 5 times in the past year (if that). It works but it's extremely noisy and it just ended up gathering dust.... If the idea of slush puppies appeals then go for it
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    We have one we got from B&M for the same price. Love it! We bought 5l syrups from amazon to go with it and it's used daily, especially at the moment.
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    The back of my kitchen cupboard has been after this for a while
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    I bought one from Aldi for £24.99 which is exactly the same and like this one just minus the branding and bought 5L of syrup from eBay and got to say it’s really good if you get the syrup ratio right it’s as good as the local corner shop.
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    Besides the “convenience” of being able to make this at home, you’d probably need to buy around 30-40 slushies to simply break even (buying a local corner shop / ice cream truck). Just food for thought for those on the fence…probably not worth it!
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    Heat just for the nostalgia, I would love to hear If anyone has one of these and it actually works
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    This is £35 regular price at B&M if you can't get to Robert Dyas. I don't have one but know people who do, apparently they're decent but super noisy (because they're crushing ice!).
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    Definitely on the list of things I don't need......but.......