SLX Freesat kit including Box (with remote) LNB & Dish and HDMI Cable for £79 @ B&Q In-Store

SLX Freesat kit including Box (with remote) LNB & Dish and HDMI Cable for £79 @ B&Q In-Store

Found 18th Mar 2010
Saw this at the B&Q store in Bury

It's the full kit including the dish, box and even a HDMI cable. Although I couldn't see it say Freesat on the box (I may have missed it) the channel listing on the back included BBC HD etc and so I think it's Freesat?

Seems like a decent buy for a self install in areas with poor Freeview, probabily better than the ones at Lidl etc?


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Larger image:

Pic of dish:

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B&Q website sell the dish on it's own for £62.13:


Wait until the weekend extra 20% off

20% off this weekend at B&Q, that's cheap

I doubt very much this is a Freesat receiver as such - it would be plastered all over the box. You'll be able to pick up the channels available on Freesat mind (including BBC HD) but without any extended programme information - from recollection it'll just be what's on now and next. I'd stick with a proper Freesat box - makes life a lot easier. And you'll get BBC IPlayer included in the very near future.

it not freesat, its just a standard receiver and box , you can get astra , hotbird, eutelsat etc on it. others depending to which satellite you point it at.

these were £40 (B&Q AND THINK SCREWFIX) as my dad bought one and i installed it, YOU NEED A SWIRE METER ABOUT £15 makes the installation about 15 minutes not hours.

about 30x bbc1,bbc2 different regions. 10 music channels and loads of foreign channels ( perfect for people whom want to watch ALJAZEERA news etc)

only advantage IMHO over a freeview box is Scuzz tv as most channels are on freeview or of no interest to me.


hope this helps someone

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just the usual channels of women wit their breasts out from 11 til when ever on my dads, just noticed when tuning in the channels , cough cough, honestly.

think that if you point it to another satellite or buy a twin lnb you might be a bit luckier
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