SMA Follow on milk 2 for £15 in ASDA (usually £10 each)

SMA Follow on milk 2 for £15 in ASDA (usually £10 each)

Found 31st Aug 2017
Asda have an offer on for 2 SMA Follow on milks (stage 2 6 months+) where it's two for £15. Usual price is £10 each.

Not sure if this applies to other milks of the same brand as I was in a rush on my dinner hour!
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Won't be on the other ages they never are for some reason. Will check when I go in later. Heat either way. Thanks
Thanks, heated
You should only be using stage 1 milk till 12 months old. All the other stages are of less quality and purely for making more money for these companies. They can not advertise stage 1 milk as it is strictly monitored by the government. The other stages they can advertise but have to change the recipe in order to be able to advertise it. Stick to stage 1 it is much better
It's illegal to reduce or advertise first Sarah's milk, that's why it's never on offer
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