SMA  Green Top Milk £3.62 @ Sainsburys

SMA Green Top Milk £3.62 @ Sainsburys

Found 24th May 2010
this stuff is normally about 7.24 but its half price from sainsburys, good for babies over a year as it has more vitamins and minerals than they would get from cows milk


great price but kids over 1 with sensible eatting should be getting enough vits and minerals without requiring special milk formulas! Unless the child is allergic to cow's milk then cow's milk is suffice

Each to their own on formula (my son was still having a nightime bottle of formula between 1 and 2 years and it helped him sleep - cows milk was not his thing) and if this is your brand its a HOT deal!

these were half price in tesco too

Tesco deal ends tomorrow so this is hot!

just in the big Tesco come up fill pice in the Tesco where i live

this is good hope they that in the one i go to

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cows milk has virtually no iron and its also more suited for ...shock cows hehe

good but sold out then i had a look ooooh hope they go some next time i go in there
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