Small PC "Trust" Speakers - Possible Mis Price

Small PC "Trust" Speakers - Possible Mis Price

Found 27th Sep 2006
Trust Speakers - 200W

Multimedia computer speakerset with powerful 200 Watt output, 2 x 2 Watt RMS. Slim size offering quality sound in space saving design. Compact Hi-Power technology for impressive sound reproduction.

OK, i have the amazing HannsG HW191D but those who have one, will say the sound is poor so i used some of the canny knowledge we have acquired on Asda to buy some more.

Went to Asda and did my shop, (adding Pepsi of course) and searched for "speakers".

Only two items are returned, a set of Trust 200W speakers and a Durabrand MP3 Speaker.

I added the Trust set, look ok for £7.94.

Delivery has just been and i've been charged £19.97 and been given a completely different set. Rang Customer Services, and was offered the difference as a refund. Then i put my foot in it and admitted they were the wrong speakers anyway and now have been asked to either keep til next delivery or return in store for full refund. If i had said nowt, i'd have got them and a refund of the £12.03 lol.

Anyways, not sure if the one's sent are better:
Trust 200P Soundforce
Trust SP-2850P

Might be worth a look, worst came, send them back i guess

- planet2sky
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Amazon ones are better IMO
The amazon one's are the one's i ended up with and are what i mean by mis-price. I ordered the 1st set, and was sent the one's i've linked to at amazon
I wouldn't trust Trust
I had a 56k modem from them back in the day that i would swear by, but the rest of their stuff has been less than par. Slightly better than unbranded.
Get some Dell A215's off eBay for a tenner - great sound and build quality!
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