Small plain kids' lunchbags - £1.50 each or two for £2.00 @ Asda

Small plain kids' lunchbags - £1.50 each or two for £2.00 @ Asda

Found 1st Jun 2009
Popped in to Asda (Hartlepool) for some lunchboxes - with the instructions not to get anything with cartoon pictures or anything because they're a bit too old for that now, apparently.
(Pleased at that - the merchandising ones are a lot more expensive )

Found some plain blue "smart price" ones for £1.50 each - which I thought was a good deal. It was a better deal when they came up as £2 for the pair when I went through the checkout (self serve).

Apparently they're part of a "kids dine 2 for £2" deal. I have no idea what other stuff is available in that deal - as I saw nothing about it in the shop (though I didn't look).

The bags aren't very big. They'll be fine for their dinner, but you might struggle to get a drink in there, too (depending on how much you give 'em to eat/drink!)

Photo of one of the bags below (pictured next to a coke can for size comparison) together with a photo of the receipt showing the goods and the multi-buy savings.


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Its always a good idea to use these with an ice pack. It seems obvious but many people think the cool bag itself is sufficient to keep food cool. Most of the kids at my childrens school don't have ice packs in theirs and the classroom is the perfect temp for bacteria to grow.....if you start off with a 1000 bacteria (pretty tiny) after 4 hours at room temp you will have around 4 million....

wow great price, i bought one last week from a local shop for 3pound+.
i hope i find them in my local asda, will stock up. heat added.

Ideal for average sized kids lunchbox plus 250ml drink - great find!

But I haven't got small plain children!
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