smallville season 8 blu-ray £16.95 (FREE UK Delivery) @ The hut

smallville season 8 blu-ray £16.95 (FREE UK Delivery) @ The hut

Found 16th Apr 2010
cheapest it has ever been since its release in october, i should know i check everyday.

The town of Smallville is mostly inhabited by ordinary folk looking to live a peaceful life. But among their number is Clark Kent (Tom Welling), the future Superman who faces a daily struggle to control his special powers and keep his true identity a secret. This seventh season of SMALLVILLE offers plenty of surprises for the young Man of Steel, plumbing the vast store of Superman mythology to introduce two characters from the comic books: Clack's cousin Kara (Laura Vandervoort), also known as Supergirl; and Bizarro, an evil Clark Kent look-alike. Meanwhile, as Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) becomes infatuated with Kara, Clark comes ever closer to the truth about his parents and his home planet Krypton. Included here is every episode from the eighth series



If you use code SSBLU1 it's only £16.95
I have edited the price

Even though the series is a bit Micky mouse now its a good price..... tempted!

The new series is much darker, I had a problem on my PS3, it kept defaulting to the extra menu.. All you need to do (if this happens) is click the VIEW. Strange but true.....

P.S Series 9, he gets a suit !!! cool....(not Superman though)

His ''suit'' is awful! Season ten is confirmed to be the last

Lets hope it ends with him in the real suit, the one we been waiting for all these years!
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