Smallville - Seasons 1 - 7 (42 Dvd Box set) - now £79.93 delivered @ The Hut!
Smallville - Seasons 1 - 7 (42 Dvd Box set) - now £79.93 delivered @ The Hut!

Smallville - Seasons 1 - 7 (42 Dvd Box set) - now £79.93 delivered @ The Hut!

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Overdose on all seven seasons of Smallville. Follow all the action and enjoy and handful of exciting extra features.

Before Clark Kent (Tom Welling) became a full-fledged superhero, he was an awkward teenager. But unlike most teenagers, Clark has bigger issues to contend with, like his mysterious powers, his tumultuous relationship with kryptonite, and the strange happenings that have tormented Smallville ever since a meteor shower rained down on the Kansas town years before. As Clark struggles through his high school days, lusting after the beautiful Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and forming a strong friendship with Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), he must gradually come to terms with the knowledge that he might be a truly super human. This collection presents the first seven seasons of the series, which see Clark harnessing his powers, assembling the Justice League, tangling with an evil look-alike, and helping out a newly discovered cousin, Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort), deal with life on Earth.


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Titles Comprise:

Smallville: The Complete First Season
Between the boy Clark Kent thought he was and the man he is destined to become lie the compelling stories of Smallville, the popular action series that re-imagines the Superman saga from its roots. Watch. Wonder. Enjoy. A legend grows up in Smallville.

Smallville: The Complete Second Season
This year finds Clark Kent grappling with his calling as he explores his true origins: was he sent to Earth to save humanity or destroy it? Lana and Clark grow closer than ever before. Lex gets married. Lionel lures Chloe toward the dark side. Martha and Jonathan Kent receive miraculous news. And Pete becomes a keeper of Clark's secret. One thing we can't keep secret: the legend grows stronger in Smallville!

Smallville: The Complete Third Season
The fascinating reinterpretation of Superman mythology and its classic characters continues in an event-packed 22-episode Season 3 that includes Clark's embracing of his dark side...and the devil's bargain Jonathan makes with Jor-El to rescue his son. Other highlights: Perry White and villainous Morgan Edge debut in the series. Clark hones a sensational new power. Chloe lets slip an intriguing reference to someone named Lois Lane. And the secret to Clark's true identity burdens Pete, obsesses Lex and drives a wedge between Lana and Clark. The challenges of today shape tomorrow as never before in Smallville.

Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season
Clark Kent will have plenty of reasons to remember his senior year! The thrilling reinterpretation of the Superman legend evolves in Season 4, whose 22 episodes include the quest for 3 Kryptonian crystals and Clark's bold attempt to keep those mysterious stones from destroying Earth. Clark also becomes a highly recruited football star. Lana embarks on a new romance and Lois Lane - smart, opinionated and entirely annoying to Clark - comes to Smallville, Chloe learns the scoop of the century. Lionel becomes a straight-up nice guy (stay tuned), Lex steps further into darkness, and a new calling awaits Clark - an awakening to a destiny that only he can accept and fulfill.

Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season
An astonishing season of destiny! Clark Kent now carries a full load of classes at Central Kansas U., but that's not all he carries. He carries the full weight of his - perhaps the world's - destiny. "We call this season Superman in Training," series co-creator Alfred Gough says. "Clark is going to accept his destiny." During this exciting pivotal season: Clark faces rogue Kryptonians. Lex Luthor launches a vicious political campaign. The Fortress of Solitude rises. Clark's love for Lana Lang deepens, and he and Lois Lane remain friendly adversaries. He also crosses paths with AC (aka Aquaman), Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) and the mysterious Milton Fine (aka Brainiac). A dark tragedy - one even Clark's powers can't prevent - strikes. These and more key elements of Superman lore fall into place.

Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season
They tried to be friends. But their chosen paths set them on a collision course. The Clark Kent - Lex Luthor rivalry explodes into the fierce good-versus-evil battle fans have long expected in Season 6 of the spectacular series that reinterprets the characters and events of Superman mythology from its core. Adding to the rivalry: Lana Lang becomes Mrs. Luthor. Clark would be stunned to find out why she says yes.

Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season
When Clark's cousin Kara (Supergirl) arrives on the scene, Clark advises her to keep a low profile and master her powers, but Kara has other ideas and becomes the focus of Lex Luthor's powerlust.

Good price BUT..... id wait for the final season to come out - better to have the complete boxset right - v.hot

I dunno, this program has just got worse and worse. All the actors have left like rats from a sinking ship.

Season 8 is currently on in the US, so it would be incomplete....

I don't understand why they release boxsets like this when the show isn't complete.


I don't understand why they release boxsets like this when the show isn't … I don't understand why they release boxsets like this when the show isn't complete.

It's xmas and grandparents don't know to check TV series's are still underway.

only the first 2-3 seasons are worth getting


only the first 2-3 seasons are worth getting

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