Smallville [Series 1-8] £85.44 @Lovefilm

Smallville [Series 1-8] £85.44 @Lovefilm

Found 2nd Nov 2009
All 8 seasons of Smallville for £85.44. Another great deal when using the XMAS10 code.

Before Clark Kent (Tom Welling) became a full-fledged superhero, he was an awkward teenager. But unlike most teenagers, Clark has bigger issues to contend with, like his mysterious powers, his tumultuous relationship with kryptonite, and the strange happenings that have tormented Smallville ever since a meteor shower rained down on the Kansas town years before. As Clark struggles through his high school days, lusting after the beautiful Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and forming a strong friendship with Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), he must gradually come to terms with the knowledge that he might be a truly super human. This collection presents the first eight series of the show, which see Clark harnessing his powers, assembling the Justice League, tangling with an evil look-alike, and helping a newly discovered cousin, Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort), deal with life on Earth.

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