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Posted 2 October 2022

Yale Smart lock £39.43 @ CPC Farnell

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Just found this, it’s my first post. Smart lock YALE

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The Yale keyless connected smart door lock gives you freedom to secure your home without the need for a key. Simple to use, you now have complete control on how you unlock your door.

  • Keyless, say goodbye to your keys
  • Easy to fit, up and running in no time
  • Protected by an 80db internal alarm
  • Use a mix of up to 20x PIN codes, key tags and key cards
  • Enhanced security to prevent unauthorised access
  • Battery powered, no wires and no hassle, easy to replace (4x AA batteries supplied)
  • Time controlled user codes with 24-hour PIN code for visitors

Operating Instructions

Help & Information

CPC Farnell More details at CPC Farnell
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    So the tags and cards have to be purchased additionally... £15.60 for a pair of each.
    1 tag and 1 card is included. Plus you can use a smart phone
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    Tempted to get this, question is it possible to put this on front pvc door?
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    If you’re interested in smart locks try a Switchbot. No drilling or altering the door. Brilliant piece of kit.
    £160 for the equivalent lock and keypad is a big jump up in price from this.
    Does look interesting though, shame it doesn't work on multi point locks. (edited)
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    I have one of these! It’s been really good, we use it on an inner door and then a multipoint lock on a PVC outer door, it’s a good combo! These would also be good for something like a parcel box outside the door for deliveries etc
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    is it weather proof or can it be used for Shed/Summerhouse ?
    cant seems to find this info

    Oops.. expired :-( (edited)
    Yes weather proof, ours was in use for 5 years although the metal did start to corrode
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    Been using CPC for work for years ... stock levels shown are unreliable especially when levels get to single digits ... unfortunately be prepared to get an email Monday saying they are out of stock ! (edited)
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    Bought the lot for eBay*

    *I didn't really. (edited)
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    It's showing OOS now, was too busy reading up on it and missed out, never mind
    Me too
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    Around £100 everywhere else, good find (edited)
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    Great find OP 👏🏼
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    These are brilliant, never seen them at this price.
  12. Avatar
    Weird that it says 5 in stock, even after I bought 1 (And I'm sure so did some other HUKD members).
  13. Avatar
    Don't but the type of lock with spinning numbers as they are a security risk.
  14. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered for my garage side door. Have the conexis and this system + z wave module is one of the best smart home devices we've ever purchased
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    Hi will this work on a flat lock ?
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    I have had this on the front door for 4 years. So convenient when rushing in and out of the house.

    It is recommended to get a second lock, but that applies to any nightlatch door anyway.
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    Great deal!

    Something weird is going on with the availability of the item though, some pages state 5 units and some state 1. I imagine in reality it should be 0
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    Any smart lock offers compatible with multi point locks?
    No idea about offers, but when I was looking I researched these:

    Yale Linus
    Desi Utopic
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  20. Avatar
    Wow, what a deal. The cheapest I've seen this is/was £60 at Costco, otherwise £84 on Amazon once in a while. I'm glad I've not seen it when it was in stock, otherwise I would have gotten one even is not really needed.
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    Gutted I missed this. Got an 8 year old one that could do with replacing
  22. Avatar
    Order cancellation email received
    My email just says that it's not in stock, so a direct alternative may be included in my order?
  23. Avatar
    My order was cancelled this morning although it says quantity cancelled 1 when I ordered 2...
  24. Avatar
    Same here..a PDF letter saying the item is not in stock...I ordered around 11am when it showed 5 in stock....I now see that Yale had an offer on for approx 115 Pounds for the lock, the z wave controller and a WiFi bridge,but that offer is no more.
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    Still took my money!
  26. Avatar
    No confirmation email yet, but didn’t charge my account either