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Smart Plug Mini - meross 13A WiFi Plug (2 Pack) - £15.30 at Amazon

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About this item
  • Mini Alexa Smart Plug - meross mini smart plug is the thinnest one in the market. It fits into UK wall socket and won't interfere with the switch. It won't block other socket when it is plugged in a power strip.
  • Voice and Remote Control - Smart plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Compatible with SmartThings. Give Alexa or Google Home Assistant a voice command to turn on/off Alexa plug. Many things to plug in such as lamps, coffee machines, fans, dehumidifiers.
  • Powerful Chipset as Amazon Echo - meross smart plugs use chipsets that enable meross Wi-Fi plugs much better than others. Capable of longer Wi-Fi connection range and lower disconnection rate than competitors.
  • Set up Scenes/Routines - Customize scenes for all smart plugs to make your everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. Create ‘Good Morning’ routine to turn on coffee machine and bedside lamp, ’Good Night’ to turn off all lights (indoor and outdoor).
  • Easy to Set Up - Smart plugs work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi not 5GHz, no hub/bridge required. Just 3 steps: plug in, download meross app, add devices.
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    Any advice on good brands to link with Alexa? I bought some cheap Teckin ones, feels like a mistake! Alexa thinks that they are security cameras. Still using them as 'timer' plugs linked to the Teckin app for the Christmas Lights over Christmas anyway
    I have 2 Meross plugs and 2 Nooie plugs - all work fine with Alexa. I also have an Amazon smart plug and that's pretty flaky!
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    Better off getting an energy monitoring one with the increasted energy costs
    I was thinking about that but what does it shows you exactly? One single device and probably one which is not to consuming as I would not see the point to use a kettle or tumble dryer with it. Better to have a smart meter with display if you are lucky enough to get or have one.
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    Great that these do not need a hub like some others.
    Does anyone else have issues with them losing connection to the app? It has happened a few times and the only way to fix is delete and reconnect. Never had problems with the full size plugs, which I have had for over a year.
    Are you using 5ghz wifi? I ask as when we set up our Ring system it was recommended to use 2.4ghz wifi so set the router up for both and it's been fine. maybe a similar issue?
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    Meross products are great, but I'm favouring Tapo right now. I used to buy the energy tracking plugs from Meross (310) but the Tapo (110) app shows the hourly energy usage which makes them just a little bit better.

    I have been affected by the terrible TP-LINK plugs getting jammed, but they replaced the affected ones every time.
    I've had tapo ones go faulty on me
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    I've just replaced my Miross smart plugs with TP-link Tapos. I got sick of having to reconnect the Miross plugs every few days as they kept going offline. This is a good price but if you use Google Home you may have similar issues to what I've had. (edited)
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    Also you can filter by "condition:used" as Amazon warehouse are running 20% off at checkout. I got one of these yesterday and I've never had a problem with Amazon warehouse.

    I use mine to set the washing machine to start 2h before I get up on economy mode so I can dry clothes in the bedroom all day as soon as I'm up. Hope that helps. (edited)
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    These are excellent. Work well with Alexa. Download their app then pair with Alexa via skills. Got them for £15.29. (edited)
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    These are significantly bulkier than Nooie and TP-link plugs, but they do have an option to set a timer automatically when the device is turned on through voice command. I use mine with my electric blanket "ok Google turn on the electric blanket" 18 minutes later it goes off every time.
    Oh, that is a very good point. I use that functionality for my two meross plugs, the electric radiator automatically turns off after 1hr and the dehumidifier after 4 hours. That might change my thinking, although those are the only 2 devices that need a timed switch off.
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    Just bought, but looks like price before the 10% has gone up so £17.09 for me which still is not too bad.
    Cancelled and reordered through the website instead of the app and it gave it to me for the £15.29.

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    Thank you
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    I ordered some of the HomeKit compatible ones for a bit more. I’ve got some of their standard size ones and they work great.
  12. Avatar
    bought 4 for 24 quid in July...
    If only we all had a time machine ay?
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    I wonder how long it’ll be until Matter ones appear.

    Am I right in thinking a Matter smart plug will work with all assistants (Google, Amazon, Apple, etc)
    I won't wait for matter. G assistant and alexa are the predominant voice assistance platforms anyway. most products are compatible with them. 🖕🏾 scrApple and its wall garden. (edited)
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    Nice and compact. It's a shame they put the override switch on the side though - makes it kinda useless if you have a few of them side-by-side
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    Can i use my phone to stop charging after full like u know its says on the phone screen 40 min till fully charged can i set it to stop the flow after 40 minutes.
    you can only preset the plug to turn on/off at your preferred time. a phone charging ability can't control what a smart plug does. they both run on different os's.
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    If you’re an iPhone user it seems crazy not to get the HomeKit version.
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    £5 each from poundshop different brand but work perfect
    thanks rather buy a known brand