Smart Price Shower Curtain reduced to 25p @ Asda Instore

Smart Price Shower Curtain reduced to 25p @ Asda Instore

Found 24th Feb 2011
Plain White

Didn't need one, but for that price bought a couple to use as dust sheet, and one to lay in boot of the car to keep it clean.

take the hooks out and use it as a play mat
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mega bargain - heat added
These would be great as dust sheets as the B&Q ones I got fell to bits when I walked on them. As you say they would be useful for loads of things around the home. Wish I'd seen them yesterday, heat added.
bargain have some heat
Good ideal as will be going some decorating pretty soon.
Great thinking OP, these could come in very handy while decorating! Thanks
Good thinking OP, not needing a new shower curtain I wouldn't even have looked but as dust sheets...great idea!
Great price! We use an old shower curtain for the kids craft things, glitter, paint & playdoh just slide off Will get a couple more as spares for this price.
Good thinking OP.

To bad I've already been to ASDA today, they had 30ltr blue plastic stroage boxes with lid reduced from £3 to £1, couldn't resist at that price.
Trust me these so call CHEAP shower curtains are as good as a choclate fireguard! They flap around like headless chikens! HOWEVER as far as using it for other means, dust sheet, play mate and so on, it has a thumbs up from me!
I use these in our shower room and they're fine. When the mould appears at the bottom of the curtain they go in the bin. Bargain.
They had these earlier in Gorseinon store
Excellent, we use these inside a "proper" shower curtain. As has been said, throw the cheap one away when it gets mouldy and your expensive "for show" one stays clean as a whistle!

For 25p each I'll be stocking up!
Why not just wash the nice one regularly? ;-) they are usually machine washable at 40 degrees.

Really good ideas on other uses though! Will keep in mind for next time doing art with niece and nephew...
Wahoo, bin after some new condoms for a while, I'll just get some of these, tah
May be a little late in the year now, but shower curtains can also be good for covering the car windscreen on very cold nights as they don't tend to freeze onto the screen itself.
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none left in my asda but were 25p,
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