Smart Running Shoes with Bulit-in Xiaomi Mi Chips - £27.79 @ Gearbest

Smart Running Shoes with Bulit-in Xiaomi Mi Chips - £27.79 @ Gearbest

Found 17th Nov 2015
Absolutely no idea what these do...

Apparently they are Intelligent Sneakers with Network Breathable Cushioning Function. Sounds pretty awesome!

Main Features:
• Xiaomi intelligent sneakers network breathable cushioning sports shoes for outdoor activities.
• It accurately records your run, presents running routes, calories you burn, running speed, etc.
• With the data analysis and records, you can know how well you are doing and better finish workout plans.
• Smart Xiaomi Chips: Advanced technology design, make the recording becomes more accurate.
• Exclusive Analysis: With more profound date, you can adjust your running action, improve exercise capacity.
• 8 Major Technologies - Chitu Smart Running Shoes: Light weight and soft, both suitable for daily wear and training.
• Shock Absorption: It can absorb the different impact force, effectively protect your feet.
• Comfortable Feeling: Super clear breathable mesh cloth with excellent expansibility.
• Sharing: You may also share your data with friends on social media accounts.
• Xiaomi smart running shoes support almost mobile phone.
• Support for iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 6 / 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / iPad / Bluetooth 4.0 or above / Android 4.4 or above / iOS 7.0 or above, etc.
• East to install the chip.
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Omg the Chinese spyware will be in our feet! Panic! what some will automatically say..
Omg the Chinese spyware will be in our feet! Panic!
Korean version has smart seoul
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​very clever .

China spy software at our feet ! panic

So I'm sorely tempted to buy myself a pair, but I don't actually know what the benefits are..

I know that it connects to the same app that the mi band and mi scale connects to. The app can then monitor your pace (xiaomi suggest 180 steps per minute is good) The app also talks about whether it's best to land on the front of your feet or your heels, but doesn't state whether this would be monitored. I also don't know if the app would measure if you're at all wonky, i.e. have a longer stride with your left leg.

The new version of the mi band can track heart-rate. So in the one app you can track your route, heart rate and pace.
I have the mi scale as well btw, really impressed with it and seems to be really cheap on gearbest right now.
scales are around £8 from China warehouse, was going to buy but shipping is like £15 so not such a good deal oO
Gearbest. You may get it you may not. If it's broken you are only likely to get a partial refund.
So a pair of these shoes arrived this morning.. Think I paid ~£40 from another source..

I have been for a run this morning and they're very comfy, they seem well made. I'm a size 9 and the size 43 pair fit me well but I might consider going up half a size if I bought a pair again.

They're manufactured by chinese sportswear manufacturer li-ning. I would definitely consider buying their products again if I perceived them to be cheaper than western counterparts.

Now, to the smart element. I've seen a review that shows that if you don't have a mi-band then the shoes will step count for you. I have a mi-band though so this feature is unnecessary for me.

The other thing the sensor does is measures the percentage of time you land on your forefeet. I landed on my forefeet 78% of the time. I'm not sure what to do with this information. The app suggests the more often you land on your forefeet the better it is for your joints.

So, for the money I'm happy I've got a decent pair of running shoes. The bluetooth element seems more of an unnecessary gimmick but I'm not disappointed I got the shoes or feel ripped off in anyway.
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