Smart Trike £89.99 @ Argos

Smart Trike £89.99 @ Argos

Found 28th Feb 2017
Been looking at this for a while for little ones birthday @ £129.99 but stumbled across this today @ £89.99 and was going to buy it anyway so snapped it up. Looks great as it's use changes as your child gets older.
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We have a smartrike for our little boy. If I'm being honest I wouldn't buy one again... the parent control steering is a bit pants unless you're on perfect flat smooth ground... and as our little boy is tall his feet never comfortably rested on the foot pegs so he either dragged them along (not good) or rested them on the front wheel (renders steering useless!). He's now tall enough to reach the pedals but doesn't have the understanding to keep his feet on them (and again this renders the steering useless). We're eagerly awaiting him to be able to pedal himself now but fear he'll be too tall by the time he understands.
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