Smarties 4 Tubes @ Asda

Smarties 4 Tubes @ Asda

Found 29th May 2015
Was shopping in my local Asda this evening and noticed they had 4 tubes of smarties in a pack for 98p. I know that the same pack is a £1 in poundland (funnily enough) on the shelf below they had Smarties 56p a tube so it's a good saving. Hope this helps someone
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Did they have any old stock? I mean really old, 10+ years? Reason I ask is because the last time I bought Smarties, they were horrible and tasted like the cheap knock-offs, but sure enough, they were the legit Nestle product minus all the good flavourings :-(
Yes smarties are pretty nasty these days since the removal of artificial colours and flavourings they just don't taste the same..
True with the new taste not being as good as they used to... but it does make you think what the hell were they putting in them. Mustn't have been good for you.
I know time stands still for no man but it doesn't seem that long ago when this was the standard price. I can't understand why the kids are so fat with today's sweet prices.
Miss the old smarties too.. Can't see how the flavour/colourings can be any less harmful now, isn't like you eat them in huge quantities
MODERATOR: Misleading picture from a time when Smarties didn't taste like ass-smeared cardboard.

Orange ones were the best.
They taste counterfeit.
I think orange ones are the best, it's chocolate orange inside them.
Thought it was just me that thought they taste different (disgusting) now.
Anyone know what the expiry date is?
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