Smartprice Lard 250G £0.28 @ Asda

Smartprice Lard 250G £0.28 @ Asda

Found 24th Feb 2009
To join the realms of the ever expanding obese population I know that I need to fatten up, and fast! I didn't know exactly how to go about this until today when I was wandering the aisles of my local asda and there staring at me from the shelf was a block of smartprice own brand lard. Weighing in at 250 grammes I knew that I'd have to eat a lot of these babies to get to the required weight, so I threw 15 in my basket.


I'm guessing that it can't make you healthy.

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I'm guessing that it can't make you healthy.

Bloody good guess that ! :roll:

I've also never seen it win a marathon, or make a decent cup of tea.


Bloody good guess that ! :roll:

Well you did ask, I took it as a personal challenge.

mmmm lard....

I say bring back LARD to the chip pan, don't use those nampy pampy so called healthy oils.
Buy a few blocks and make some decent chips again !! ;-)

Voted Hot for it simply being lard (and also cheap of course)
Wonder how this differs in quality to more expensive lard?

Same price in Tesco according to
(Comparison of similar own brand products)

I voted it hot too. Not a bad price if you have to be in the lard market.

Regard this as natures lagging for your arteries, it will keep them warm through the winter nights! :thumbsup:

Voted hot for the first line of the product description alone!
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