Unfortunately, this deal has expired 20 November 2022.
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Posted 19 October 2022

SMARTY 1 Month 5G Sim Plan - Unlimited Data,Minutes and Texts, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling - £15 per Month @ Uswitch / SMARTY

£15£166% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Reduced from £20 to £15 until 20 November, this is a great value Unlimited 5G SIM plan from SMARTY with possibility of getting £12 cashback via Topcashback Premium

Data: Unlimited 5G Data
Minute/Text: Unlimited Minutes/Texts
Cost: £15 per month
Network: Three
Plan: 1 Month Plan, Cancel Anytime


  • 1 month plan, cancel anytime
  • Unlimited Data, calls & texts
  • No credit check
  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK
  • No speed caps
  • EU Roaming
  • All plans include WiFi Calling to supercharge your signal

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer: SMARTY Unlimited plan OFFER (the “Promotion”) applies to the current SMARTY 1-month Unlimited voice Plan (the “Eligible Plan”) purchased within the Promotion Period. Under this Promotion, the standard price of £20 will be reduced to £15 per month (the “Promotional Price”) for your first 12 continuousmonths on the Eligible Plan.

  • Dates: The Offer will run from 00:01 GMT on 17th October 2022 up to 23:59 GMT on 20th November 2022 (Offer Period), but may be withdrawn, amended or extended, at any time and without notice
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    Just used live chat and they moved my current contract onto this deal. I have recenly moved to SMARTY from EE and the reception and speed have been much better.
  2. Avatar
    Three = Avoid
    That's what I thought but three have really smashed it with 5G.
    I'm getting super fast speeds over 1Gbps in Slough (better than rest of the family and work phone on EE, Vodafone and O2) and it's been fine for trips to Sheffield - no glitches on the way either
  3. Avatar
    This is good if you have good coverage with Three. Can discontinue after 1 month, so can try it out.
  4. Avatar
    Smashing deal and tbh have put in a messgage to Smarty to migrate from my current deal to this one - hope it works as it did for CloudFF7.

    Out of interest, why is this set to expire tomorrow when the offer details states until 20th November - which of the two of those is incorrect or is there something I've overlooked? (edited)
    Thank you, expiry date ammended
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    If get this, use the Smarty dashboard to enable restricted content - that improves latency and speeds as this doesn’t then get funnelled through the filtering servers.  
  6. Avatar
    Thanks. Not for this specific deal as don't need unlimited but my 12GB £7/m with Three is coming to an end so the Smarty 12GB for £8 is perfect.
    You can get 15GB for £9 but data only directly from Smarty.
  7. Avatar
    When you press,, buy the plan” the page not loading…😥
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    Will EE price match this deal?
    Doubtful. I was with E for far too many yrs. Out of contract for ages. Was paying £20 for 20GB , asked them what they could do. As other networks offering much better deals. I think they quoted me about £35 for unlimited GB. I said I don't need the GB (they had just told me I hardly use any, with WFH etc....) They couldn't do Mr a decent deal so I left. Got the Smarty deal 50GB for £10 a month. 30 day "contact"so easy to leave if u don't get on with the network. I don't get 5G where I live but then I didn't with EE
    Been done so far.
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    One of the worst for data coverage, avoid
    Once again, depends where you live or work, you can always test it for one month or just get a PAYG SIM or pay this for one month. Works perfect where I am.
  10. Avatar
    Does anyone know how the cashback works? Can you cancel after one month and still get cashback? Thanks
  11. Avatar
    If Three data works for you then this is a very good price. I suggest trying a sim out as where I am the coverage map says no 5G, but I get it over 90% of the time with download speeds of approx 150Mbps ♨️
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    This, or the unlimited ID Mobile deal (@mobiles.co.uk) for £11.50/month, 12 month contract and cashback by redemption?
    depends if you want a contract and credit check?
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    Currently on 12m contract with Three at less than £6pm (if claimed all the redemptions) as a 'regular' broadband (unlimited data). Good speed (4G), pretty solid signal and reliability - can't complain at all.

    Still, this is a good short-/long-term deal if you don't want to get into the commitment. Heat added. (edited)
    Can't find this deal... Any pointers pls
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    Thanks. I am sick of EE who have terrible deadspots for me in places i never used to suffer. I also kept on an old max plan so i had worldwide data and upon visiting Mexico last month my phone wouldn't work whatsoever (they did compensate me a month in the end after complaining) but its time to try something new. Atleast with this its a rolling 30 days so i can switch again if no good.
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    I am using a Smarty unlimited Sim in a 4G+ router as I have just moved into a new house and there is no spare slot in the exchange for broadband. Just getting normal 4G but hitting 60Mbps most of the time which is fine for what I need.
    Which router is that pls
  16. Avatar
    Do you still pay £15 after 12 months ? (edited)
    Goes up to £20 after 12 months.
  17. Avatar
    Why only show 4g and 3g data
    It's 5g too. I took this offer out and awaiting the black friday deals. If nothing better, I'll stick with this. No speed restrictions either, really good deal.
  18. Avatar
    so when exactly is this deal to expire.thanks.
  19. Avatar
    Does anyone have any good alternatives to this? True-unlimited data and being able to use it as primary internet access is lovely, but it's rather useless to me when Three's coverage barely gives me 3G+ / HSPA at home.

    I'm eyeing up Lyca's Unlimited offering as O2 coverage here is good and price is equivalent, and while the 200GB Fair Usage cap is a bit ugly to hear I don't know if I should really worry about it if I'm not watching 4k Netflix all day.

    Any other alternatives to look at (ideally rolling)? O2 & Giffgaff are both £30+ for unlimited data.
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    I’m looking to use this in a 4G router. Does anyone know if there is any difference in the data only plan (which is currently £20pm) and this deal (which includes calls and texts). In terms of data speeds and usage restrictions/throttling?

    Would the data only plan still be the best option for the router ?
    There doesn’t seem to be any difference. I’m on Smarty and near 5G mast and can get 1.1Gbps down speed. There are usage restrictions by default - adult content filtering is enabled. That does slow it down, but that can be disabled on the account using the app on webpage. This is a cheaper and better option IMO. The main thing will be the actual coverage where you are.