Posted 28 September 2022

Smarty 50GB 5G data with Unlimited Min / text, EU roaming, No contract, cancel anytime (+ £12 Quidco / TCB) - £10pm @ Uswitch / Smarty

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No Credit check.

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    It's the 1 month contract that I like about these kinds of deals. I can't be doing with the commitment of an 18 month contract. I will probably be with a provider for much longer than 18 months truth be told, I just don't like being committed to it.
    Especially when it’s sim only, can’t see why some networks want you to sign a 2 year deal where there are price increases every year
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    I'm on SMARTY after coming from Three and I swear Three's network is falling apart. Might have to move due to speeds just getting slower and slower.
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    On Plusnet ATM, not the cheapest but been solid for 4g
    Plusnet is fantastic, the customer service is amazing and only rings about twice and your through to someone, but I did leave them for ID mobile
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    Smarty uses the Three network - which has not been the best for me - where I live or work (London) (edited)
    Couldnt agree more with you.
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    You get what you pay for;
    I find smarty slow and unusable at times when in the shopping centre.
    Contrary to EE which use to work almost most the time.

    However, EE were robbing me (edited)
    Whereas I find Smarty to be excellent for me - no problems using it at home (40mbs+ downloads) or when out and about, where I occasionally get 5G - obviously every network has areas that are a bit of a not-spot, but I don't find Smarty (Three) any worse than any of the others I've used over the years (O2, Vodafone and EE)
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    Been on this rolling contract for almost 2 months.

    Much cheaper than Three and the same service.
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    Didn't think smarty did EU roaming anymore.
    Yep they do, but only upto 12gig of your allowance
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    I got Smarty for the Missus last year on a Black Friday deal. No problems to date. She used to be with Giffgaff but their allowances are paltry by comparison. Ive stuck with Lebara but will be keeping an eye out this BF.
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    Remember no short code texts.
    True - that is the one disadvantage I've experienced.
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    Great price and good amount of data as long as Three works for you ♨️
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    Be careful if you are using it as your main internet connection as Smarty uses "hot" or dynamic IP addresses which can change every few seconds. Some websites see it as a security risk.
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    Be aware that this is only for 12 months after which it will revert to 30gb. You must also activate the auto-renew option to be eligible.
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    Are ppl getting 5G service from Smarty, say in London area?
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    In London I could be walking down the street and I lose signal. Even connected phonecalls cut off after around 1-2 minutes which never happens with the same phone on a different network (Plusnet).
    Your mileage may vary, and as it's no contract it can be easily changed.
    Same, London signal is the worst. Changed to O2 with free bolt ons. Much better deal
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    Very poor coverage where I live. Absolutely no signal in my house and my father in law's 6 miles away (who I got it for). Comparing with the sky/virgin/o2 and now Lebrara Sims I've used it's just shameful.

    Obviously where you live makes a difference etc but their coverage checker made out we would get 4g signal no problemo. Very disappointed
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    Signal is not great in my house (but WiFi calling makes it clear. My workplace 5 min away has full signal. 4g speeds are great (don't have 5g phone). I get 100gb for £12pm. Great value imo.
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    Tried smarty in the past in London, Walthamstow had calls cut off often and slow Internet speed as well.
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    Got this yesterday,left them today signal for data connection is awful 🚮
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    I just signed up and created an account, added payment details and they said they will send me a SIM.
    But I have an unused Smarty SIM here now, can I just use that and activate it or is the SIM they are sending specific to my account? If it makes any difference, I'll be porting my old number to Smarty.
    ive got the same problem, did you manage to use the unused sim?
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    Connection speeds dependent on location although with 3, I get between 220Mbps to 550Mbps 5G mobile internet for downloads
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