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Posted 16 January 2023

Smarty 5G Sim, 1 Month Contract - 30GB Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling, 3 months half price - £5 per month @ Smarty

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

If your existing contract is up for renewal and looking for a plan with a decent data to wait until April to avoid Annual RPI increase, this could be a deal for you!

Data: 30GB 5G
Minute/Text: Unlimited Minutes/Texts
Cost: £5 per month for Three Months, £10 after that
Network: Three
Contract: 1 Month

  • No credit check
  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK
  • No speed caps
  • EU Roaming
  • All plans include WiFi Calling to supercharge your signal

Moneysupermarket Link: SMARTY 5G Sim, 1 Month Contract - 30GB Data, £5 for 3 Months | MoneySuperMarket

Smarty More details at Smarty

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    Moved from 3 to Smarty it uses the same network anyway best of all you get free EU roaming where as with 3 this no longer applies. 12 GB roaming is generally enough while travelling and out and about as long as you have a Wi-Fi hook up for the majority of time. Also like 3 can use Wi-Fi on London Underground. So if you are on 3 and it woks for you then SMarty is fine. Just the same as 3.
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    Do i need to give 30 days notice when cancelling Smarty or can you cancel within a couple of days without a further payment like Lebara?
    You cancel anytime you like,no further payment will be taken
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    this issue i had with them is the data speed sucked so bad i had to walk a mile down the road for it to work so make sure you have a good 3G singal then your ok if not look elsewhere
    Your issue is with 3, not Smarty
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    I’m looking for an option to a Vodafone sim and thought this might be it until I saw the tethering was only unrestricted in the uk

    anyone know what the best option is to allow inclusive tethering whilst in the eu? This is my main reason for leaving Voda with its £2 per day charge 
    I have been to Hungary this Christmas. You can use your data up to 12GB. For extra you can buy more data I believe. I had no issue tethering to 2 phones, but only did it for a couple hours 2-3 times, so can't say if you'll run into issues doing it 24/7.
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    I was with smarty about a year ago. It's cheap and does the job but my god the Internet speed sucks so hard when it comes to 3g/4g
    We have used an unlimited sim for broadband for the last 3 years with a 4g router(D-link DWR953) In our previous place, 3rd floor was getting a solid 35-40 megabits all the time, no dropouts or slowdowns. The speed really depends on the coverage/good positioning of your router. In our current flat (ground floor) on one side I get 3 megabits on the other it is up to 30. I have noticed the speed dropping in the last 5-6 months sometimes to unusable levels. I have to force the router to 3g, and strangely it jumps back to 10megabits. (The router might not be the best model) W5 area, west London
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    SMARTY don’t have the annual RPI increase as far as I’m aware.
    Had it on auto top-up for over 3 years, unlimited package is still £20 since day one
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    The wife is with smarty on sim only deal they seem fine. No problems with signal.
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    Get someone who can refer you then both will receive £10 gift card
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    Betyer value on I.d 70gb instead on 1 month or 100gb on a 12 month deal. (edited)
    No credit check on smrties
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    Just got this deal, Works fine £5 is cheap, Not sure about £10 though probably go for if 70gb then or 3 for 100gb then for £10
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    Recently tried these as a cellular failover on 2 sites and got absolutely zero coverage - an impressive total fail (edited)
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    I used 3 for a couple of weeks and the service was very poor. Misleading to say this is £5 a month, it will suck in the gullible. (edited)
    It clearly states that it's £5 for the first 3 months. There is even an image at the post, that shows that.
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    I am on £15 unlimited. But i never use anywhere near 30gb a month. Was thinking to change to this however its just for 3 months, and then i possibly cant go back to unlimited for £15.
    If you never use more than 30GB then what's the point paying the extra £5 per month for unlimited? You're paying £60 a year for something you don't actually use?
    I've got a sim on their £10/30GB plan and opted for the double data for a year offer when it came up, so 60GB for £10. The 12 months is up and they've automatically extended it for another 12 months so maybe go for one of those offers instead, if another one comes up?
    They have double data i.e. 24GB on the £8 plan at the moment. If 24GB is sufficient for your needs then you'll be saving £84 over 12 months, if they'll let you switch to it as an existing customer.
    i.e. £15 - £8 = £7 x 12 months = £84 (edited)
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    These guys are great if 3 works for you.
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    Can you use your data on the laptop via Mobile Hotspot Tethering.
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    Tried Smarty for 1 day when I lived in London but the data speeds were the worst I've ever seen.

    I will try this again as our new house has very poor O2 coverage.

    It constantly jumps from 1 bar on 5G to 1 on 4G to 2 bars on 3G and then we just end up on 2G roaming on Eir.
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    Can i export my old number over to this? Can't see where to add pac code and old number and at checkout
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