Smead PC Workstation  You Save: 	£14,776.29 (99%)  £223.71 @ Amazon sold by Altecweb UK.

Smead PC Workstation You Save: £14,776.29 (99%) £223.71 @ Amazon sold by Altecweb UK.

Found 22nd Jun 2011
how could you resist this saving ? £14,776.29 (99%)


Damn!!!! Bought one yesterday for £14776.29.

99% savings. They are giving it away. lol.

Does not include the computer equipment.
Cheaper here.…spx
RRP is £181.09.

Actress you were robbed.


what rubbish.
On amazon since 2008. Not a single sale or review or 'Like'. Must be typo error. A simple computer table for £15000. Joke??

Is the table the computer? Does it also have teleport capabilities? Otherwise cold from me at the rrp!

I don't understand why this isn't hotter, I can't find it cheaper anywhere else!

I got one and used it to teleport it to my holiday destination !!!

You can add a magic genie lamp for a quid…-17
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I heard the magic genie lamp interefed with the wifi though?

Beware the Seagate Clicky Castor Drives ...

im gonna buy 2 at that price!!!!! or maybe pop down to staples and get one for like £30

I'd expect it to s*ck and f*ck me for that price lol

hehehe looks like it's worth £50 at best

I hope this is not the start of a another new marketing trend on Amazon. I'm already sick of the long list of items that have increased or decreased by a penny since the last time I visited my basket.

Can't believe I nearly bought this instead:…rzy

Thanks Op!
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