SMIGGLE! Save a fiver on £7 or more spent and free delivery code,except on sale items ONLINE ONLY

SMIGGLE! Save a fiver on £7 or more spent and free delivery code,except on sale items ONLINE ONLY

Found 10th Aug 2017Edited by:"clairebearb"
HB808 gives you £5 off min spend £7

Free817 gives you free delivery!!

Also topcashback gives 5.25%

If you only buy stuff over £7 each time, i.e. if you're buying 5 things each costing £7 get 5 orders in and save 9.50 (the 4.50 delivery charge and a fiver when you spend over £7) each time x
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Hello817 takes 15% off as well (on full price items)
Edited by: "MrsMarie" 10th Aug 2017
Thanks, heat added
Hello817 takes 15% off as well (on full price items)
Edited by: "MrsMarie" 10th Aug 2017
HB808 doesn't work?!
foxymeister3 m ago

HB808 doesn't work?!

Just tried it and it works fine for me.

Did you use it on something not in the sale and over £7 like stated in the op?
This is a fantastic deal. There are items in the 2 for £5 that are more than £5 each too. Crazy. Hot
HB808 doesn't work for me. My order is £9 in the sale. Keeps giving me a message that its case sensitive and I've typed it the same way

Sorry miss read the message!! Oooopsssssd!!!!!
Edited by: "michellemccrea2" 10th Aug 2017
This stacks with the 2 for £5 and buy one get one free offers
You can't use it on sale items
Amazing deal. Well done op
Amazing deal. I haven't had any confirmation emails yet tho but if my orders actually arrive this is fantastic thank you!
Brill, thanks
Omg I hate you!!!
I have just spent £42, thank you really appreciate you sharing this deal. I will have one very happy little girl.
ordered a few things thanks
Fab find, many thanks.
Ordered loads of stuff for my little girl, she loves this shop!
thanks got 2 orders
Thanks just placed 4 orders, my son will be delighted when they arrive. Thank you.😊
thanks op with all three codes £12 worth of school goodies for £5
What a fabulous deal OP, thank you! Also many thanks to MrsMarie!

Not sure if this actually makes a difference as I didn't try it, but it might be worth taking note of the order you enter the codes in. For example if your order totals £10 enter the 15% code first so that you get 15% off £10 rather than 15% off £5 having entered the £5 discount code first.
Edited by: "dallaswinston" 11th Aug 2017
Checkout crashing here now
Anyone got a confirmation email
I think there is a error on the checkout
Thanks, ordered £28 worth of stuff for £5
ordered hope they honor it
Not working now , thanks guys got some stuff, maybe expire deal now
Has it stopped working now. Just got one order in so not too bad but second order states invalid

At least you can't say I was greedy. Maybe I would have been but I'm Not!
Edited by: "rbramhill1" 11th Aug 2017
Saying codes are invalid
Yep, we snoozed and lost. Sad.
Code doesnt work wanted to place an order hope they honour all your orders
Brilliant find , thanks for posting .
Code not working Damn
Deal of the week easily
Has anyone had a confirmation email?
Placed 6 orders last night.. received emails to say 5 have been despatched already!
natcoconay21 h, 14 m ago

Has anyone had a confirmation email?

No i still havent since yesterday just a Paypal confirmation email
I placed 5 orders but only had the PayPal email so far.
Just checked spam email folder, I have had order confirmation for all my orders
I made 6 orders but only had confirmation for 1 order
gutted i missed 😑
no confirm email thou order shows as submitted so not worried.
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