Smith Squad Ski Goggles £38.25 at Amazon

Smith Squad Ski Goggles £38.25 at Amazon

Found 21st Apr 2017
These ski goggles are currently down to £38.25 from a usual price of £85-100. Listed as men's but look fine as unisex to me (in Zalando link below).

They are out of stock, but should be shipped at the current price when they come back in. Amazon has them at this price to match Zalando's clearance, which are sold out.

Smith optics are considered the top brand in the business, with great clarity and features. While this listing doesn't specify, these goggles should come with both the green sol-X lens for sunny conditions, and an exchangeable yellow lens for cloudy/dusk (as shown on Zalando and the s/Goggles/Snow/Squad/p/SQD2CPEWT17?lang=en&akamai-feo=off]Smith homepage). Getting two high quality lenses at this price is a bargain, and are great for entry level/mid range skiers.

It will probably only be a few days till amazon realises and the price jumps back up (this is the 2nd time this happened after briefly coming back in stock). I don't expect this deal to get hot... but it should be useful to someone!
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Brilliant thank you!
OP did you get a cancellation email from amazon because I did today, bluddy annoyed about this, going to get on to them and tell them to honour it or give me a voucher.
****, really sorry to hear this. I actually managed to get a pair that were restocked at Zalando, so I cancelled my Amazon order. It looks like they've specifically removed this white framed green sol-x version from the options on the amazon page (to avoid needing to fulfill these)?

Perhaps you can ask for an equivalent product instead, like the 'ripped' framed ones which are listed at £55.95?

Once again sorry about that, from what I've read they generally honour these once restocked
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