SMJ Avantix Remote Control power socket - £5.99

SMJ Avantix Remote Control power socket - £5.99

Found 17th Nov 2006
This is YAG (Yet Another Gadget) for those obsessed with strange techie things.
Basically, this is RF (radio, 433MHz) remote controller with 25 metre range and plug-in electrical socket that can be controlled by said remote unit.
The package consists of:
- Remote controller
- Socket
- Battery for controller

Each controller can switch on/off up to three sockets (no dimming unfortunately). These can be configured to be on 4 channels, 3 devices/channel. It is possible to assign to each device its unique ID withing channel. It is also possible to use more than one remote controller to operate same socket.

This gadget can be used for all kinds of interesting stuff, like controlling lights on Christmas tree, switching lights inside of display units, floorstanding lamps, etc.

Maplins also does more advanced kit (code L95AR) which consists of 4 sockets and 1 remote (which looks incredibly ugly)). Same money really as if you buy 4 of 5.99 ones.

Note this product is NOT X10 compatible as it is using different protocol.

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