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Free Squeeze Me Stress Toy and NHS SmokeFree Kit
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Posted 28th Jan 2014Posted 28th Jan 2014
Free Squeeze Me Stress Toy and NHS SmokeFree Kit
If you smoke or know anyone who does, this freebie is a must for you! Full of useful information, a calendar, helpful tips and practical tools, all designed to help keep you on tra… Read more
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Thanks I've sent mine to family members who needed a hint x


neither did mine


I got kit free kit few days who but not a toy


Thanks requested it not sure ill get it mind you being in Scotland as I think the stop smoking services are area specific but heres hoping :)

NHS Smokefree kit
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Posted 25th Jan 2014Posted 25th Jan 2014
NHS Smokefree kit
Free Quit Kit Full of useful information, a calendar, helpful tips and practical tools, all designed to help keep you on track and stick with your decision to become smokefree. I … Read more

Not in Scotland


Well done to you too maggieaggle and anyone who has given up this very very addictive habit.


Even though i don't smoke i ordered these just because they're FREE! What a load if crap all you get is a small calendar and some leaflets. BOO HOO


2 years next week and no going back. No smelly car, no smelly clothes. White ceilings in the house (although only smoked in utility). No ashtray breath. Sorry to all you smokers out there but there is one thing for certain if you smoke. You will smell. Your clothes will smell. Your hair will smell. If you smoke around your kids, they will smell too.That's the worst bit.


Smart guy ! Good for you! I smoked 16 years in total ( 1 pack of cigarettes per day) and stopped 6 years ago, with only will power in 1st attempt. I got this nhs quitting pack it's a rubbish full of papers useless!

Free "Stop Smoking"  Kit
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Posted 8th Jan 2014Posted 8th Jan 2014
Free "Stop Smoking" Kit
Haven`t received mine yet, but worth trying. Text & Email Support, Mobile app and Local NHS Stop Smoking Services also available for those who might find it beneficial. Righ… Read more

Did anyone actually get their kit? :-(


Thanks op just ordered. Time for a change!


Hot from me even I never tried to quit smoking using this kind of kit. Instead of that I just went to vaping and didn't touch cigarettes since. Almost one year ago. Seriously people, try e-cigarettes if this kit won't work for you.


Nice to see my taxes going to use then


Wow a real anti smoker !

FREE Stoptober pack to help quit smoking @ NHS
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Posted 6th Oct 2013Posted 6th Oct 2013
FREE Stoptober pack to help quit smoking @ NHS
As part of Stoptober, the NHS are giving a FREE pack which gives support tools to quit smoking. Last year, 160,000 people took part in Stoptober. Also get daily tips and advice o… Read more
Free smoke kit from nhs
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Posted 31st Jul 2013Posted 31st Jul 2013
Free smoke kit from nhs
Free smoke kit from nhs. May not be useful but it's free!

For those living in England only


Dale Winton must feel sad X)


Ah I've been looking to practise smoke signalling. Sounds like this will help.


I haven't had a fag for 20 years!!!! Looks like a good time to start :p


does it help you start?

Free Smokefree Kit
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Posted 13th Jun 2013Posted 13th Jun 2013
Free Smokefree Kit
Order a FREE Smokefree kit from NHS. Just fill in the form with your details and submit. This freebie is not to get you to quit smoking but to reduce or eliminate harm from secondh… Read more

you should have put that this is for England ONLY in your posting.


"The smokefree kit contains facts, tools and tips to help you on your way to a smokefree future"


A sticker with 'No Smoking' on it(_;)?


It's very funny what is inside this kit.

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Free NHS Quit Kit & Stress Toy (England Only)
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Posted 7th Mar 2013Posted 7th Mar 2013
Free NHS Quit Kit & Stress Toy (England Only)
This new Quit Kit is full of advice and freebies to help you quit smoking including a squeezy stress toy to help ease your tension!

our taxes is going to places we dont expect it to eg. bankers pockets… get used to it.


so this is where our taxes are going? :/ hmm


....The Quit Kit is available to residents of England only.... :(


It took me applying twice and and waiting 3-4 months for my pack to arrive and a lot of the info was out of date if I'm being honest I'm not sure what I expected from this pack but it wasn't up to much.


My built in "squeezy stress toy" always helps me ease the tension....

Free NHS Quit Kit
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Posted 18th Jan 2013Posted 18th Jan 2013
Free NHS Quit Kit
For those with New Years Resolutions and anyone else trying to kick the habit! The Quit Kit is a box of practical tools and advice developed with experts, smokers and ex-smokers, … Read more

Stickers are more fun then cancer. Good luck to him.


I got mine for free from the Tesco Pharmacy. It seems useful to me although I'm a non smoker. I doubt it will help my mum quit though. I don't think she has the willpower or desire to right now.


Have to say my mum smoked like a chimney for 15+ years. She would dig out fagends from the gutter. Buy loads of packets of golden virgina. I thought there was no chance on earth she could quit. But after going on the 'FAGENDS' free NHS program she got given the patches to wean her off. Apparently the patches reduce the brain receptors over a few weeks and so the craving goes. It worked. She has not smoked in 4 years, and has no desire to. The only thing I would say is to get some crepe bandages to make sure they stay on as they tend to peel off gradually. So that FAGENDS program saved about her about £8k which would have been spent on fags over the years since.


I couldnt agree more!


No buffoon. I didn't expect it to come two months later. Judging by the comments I'm not the only one who thinks these kits are rubbish. Adding stickers on a chart is soooo encouraging to a 49 yr old. I ordered this for my dad who just laughed at me and said this is just pathetic.

Free NHS Tangle Toy (Stopover Campaign)
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Posted 8th Oct 2012Posted 8th Oct 2012
Free NHS Tangle Toy (Stopover Campaign)
During October the NHS are running a 28 day quit smoking campaign. Get your FREE quit smoking kit packed with lots of freebies including free tangle toy, quit calendar, booklets an… Read more
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Why was I not surprised to receive a comment like this? I didn't say that it alone would stop wasted spending. But £2 saved for every kit is still £2 that could be used elsewhere,even if it goes on marketing other things like blood donation days. Money saved is money saved no matter where you save it. The wastage will still occur even if savings are not made, it will be core services that are cut and not managers pay packets unfortunately, so we may as well save money where possible.


I am afraid as a member of a certain NHS Trust, that alone will not stop wasted spending. There is a serious mismanagement issue in the NHS, I have 7 managers myself and the amount of wastage I see in my daily work life would put a South American government to shame. If you want to save money in the NHS it will require some serious cost cutting.


Hopefully people will actually order the pack for the purpose intended - to quit smoking. This will reduce wasted spending within the NHS allowing that money to be used elsewhere for better purposes.


england only.

Stoptober Get Your free support Pack & App
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Posted 19th Sep 2012Posted 19th Sep 2012
Stoptober Get Your free support Pack & App
If you can stop smoking for 28 days, you're five times more likely to stay smokefree. And we're right alongside you every step of the way during Stoptober with lots of free support… Read more
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Found free Quit Smoking Kit
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Posted 7th May 2012Posted 7th May 2012
Found free Quit Smoking Kit
Found this on nhs site, Heat?
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The Quit Kit is available to residents of England only, while stocks last. Please note that contents of the Quit Kit may vary.


This offer is SMOKING :p


Thanks TallerPaul, I hope I will stay here and contribute as much as I can, but surely will double check with search before posting (_;)


Welcome to hotukdeals i can assure you that "danboi63" does not speak for everyone and their not in anyway part a moderator or anything their just one of 544359 members :) meh reposts happen to everyone happens me sometimes too when i've searched.


I'm here first time, but thank you for warm welcome...

Free NHS Quit Smoking Kit
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Posted 1st Feb 2012Posted 1st Feb 2012
Free NHS Quit Smoking Kit
From the NHS website or in your nearest participating chemist. The NHS has pledged to replenish stock both online and in chemists to meet all demand. The Quit Kit includes: … Read more

Calm down dear.... :p


Anything that helps people quit that filthy, dirty, stinking, life threatening, family destroying habit gets my vote!


I suggest if you are unhappy about this being not available to Scots that you may move to England if you want. Please note that the free saving will be offset by you having to now pay for your prescriptions.


What you really need is will power not a kit. That is my opinion anyway! However I will give some heat, it may be useful to some people! I have given up 4 weeks yesterday & NO kit used! :)


National Health Service........But covers only England , has to be a racism/discriminary case there methinks......cold sorry.

Free Quit Smoking Kit - Improved for 2012 @ NHS
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Posted 3rd Jan 2012Posted 3rd Jan 2012
Free Quit Smoking Kit - Improved for 2012 @ NHS
The Quit Kit is a box of practical tools and advice developed with experts, smokers and ex-smokers, which has helped thousands of smokers quit successfully.

heat added


I posted this deal a while ago, and asked for one myself. As an ex-smoker, I must say, it's not very good. They used to have a nifty toothbrush in there but not any more. Ah well.


Heat from me! Anything to help you guys quit that filthy, smelly, life threatening habit must be worth heat! Ex 40-a-day smoker!


[/quote] "cant complain?" lol[/quote] ha ok, maybe a little


improved for 2012 8)

FREE Quit smoking kit!
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Posted 31st Oct 2011Posted 31st Oct 2011
FREE Quit smoking kit!
Fantastic kit packed with goodies, mine even had a toothbrush in it but my fave has to be the clever stress buster, I still use it in front of the TV!
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what do you mean??


When was this not free then?


Awwwww, goes to show, we're always vulnerable:(


That is so true, i stopped just over a year ago, still need a little bit of help sometimes


I give it a whirl there and it took my address and I live in NI here's hoping! :) Its for my Mum she was off them for 8 years and went back on them :( broke my wee heart!

Free Quit Smoking Now Kit @ Smoke Free NHS
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Posted 17th Apr 2011Posted 17th Apr 2011
Free Quit Smoking Now Kit @ Smoke Free NHS
comes with charts and stuff to help stop. plus comes with weird tangle thing. cool too fiddle with. might be worth getting it just for tangle toy!!! lol hope it helps anyone tryin… Read more
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Cheers, ordered.


Thank You, ordered.




thanks ill give it a go


Anything to give up

Free Stop Smoking Kit @ NHS Stop Smoking
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Posted 1st Mar 2011Posted 1st Mar 2011
Free Stop Smoking Kit @ NHS Stop Smoking
To get your hands on a Quit Kit find your nearest participating pharmacy, then drop by and pick one up today. If you're visiting one of our participating supermarkets you'll need t… Read more

This is good but only in England. If you live elsewhere all they give you is a number :(


Can't find a retailer near you? Fill out a form, and your Quit Kit will arrive within two weeks. Remember that you could get one today if you go in store.

Free Week 9 Nicotene Patches @ NHS Stop Smoking
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Posted 3rd Feb 2011Posted 3rd Feb 2011
Free Week 9 Nicotene Patches @ NHS Stop Smoking
My doctors surgery as lost the funding and would need to travel to get to our clinic Just ordered one in my name and one in my husbands and also half price patches on boots site .… Read more

I quit 18 months ago using the NHS service and I would wholeheartedly recommend making the journey to a stop smoking clinic if you can (I was actually driving 20 miles to a clinic for sessions at one point so I could see my counsellor). Obviously not everyone can realistically do this but I was in a position to make up the time at work and the more that you put into the process the more rewarding each day you succeed is. Also as you have invested more in success, the 'penalty' for failure (ie, all of that extra agro you have put yourself through) seems all the more relevant and worked to drive me on to success. And the wonderful Champix they prescribed helps too........... Good freebie so heat added, good luck anyone having a go, it's hard but worth it.


it looks like alot do


You can get a weeks free supply in most large pharmacies at the moment nicorette branded i think offer is very widespread ie tesco asda sainsbury etc, its a DOH inniative. You cant vote cold on this as anything thats free is great!!!:)

FREE NHS Quit Smoking Kit (contains patches from 1st Jan)
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Posted 28th Dec 2010Posted 28th Dec 2010
FREE NHS Quit Smoking Kit (contains patches from 1st Jan)
Coming soon: New improved Quit Kit -now with a week's free trial of NRT patches! The Quit Kit is packed with tools and advice to help you quit smoking and will be available at par… Read more

No free patches, just a box of junk mail. Could try smoking the box? Honestly a squeezey pad and leaflets. No help at all.


28 days now and still no sign of patches being delivered sort of defeats the object if someone sets their mind to quit and gets the pack and still havent had the patches 4 weeks later lol


E-cigs have help many people to quit or you can use your e-cig if you like smoking without the worry of inhaling all the carcinogenic chemicles contained in Cigarettes.


good luck to anyone trying to qut


A bit naive of you not to realise that this will cut NHS spending in the long run

FREE NHS Quit Smoking Kit
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Posted 29th Aug 2010Posted 29th Aug 2010
FREE NHS Quit Smoking Kit
Free Stress-relief toys, charts, CD & mp3s, support information, planner, postcards... all to help quitting smoking, take the first step now even if you're not serious about qu… Read more
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Pun intended?


Tar have ordered one for the brother!:)


At least her shallowness doesn't harm the organs of others around her, eh?


"i hate smokers" You hate smokers? Every one of them? Man you're shallow. I hate mermaid princesses.


i hope everyone who smokes orders one of these as i hate smokers and what it does to your internal organs

Free Quit Smoking Pack With Free Tangle Toy
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Posted 14th Jun 2010Posted 14th Jun 2010
Free Quit Smoking Pack With Free Tangle Toy
Free Quit Smoking Pack With Free Tangle Toy serious about quitting smoking? Then take the first step by ordering your free Quit Kit today. You're on your way to a happier and heal… Read more

not a lot in there got one befor


Thankyou very much for your kind words.If your going to quit,its got to be You that wants it to happen and no one else can make you change your smoking habit.Its like losing weight.Gotta be you-instead of others pressuring you to do it.You have to want it to work otherwise it wont work.Maybe the past few times you've tried Just havnt been the right times to try stopping and now maybe this is another perfect chance for you.Go for it.Just never give up.I know im going to try as hard as i can and give it 100%.All the very best to you with it.Just DO IT :) Could be the start of you quitting for good.


The best way to stop is to read Allen Carrs - Easyway to Stop Smoking. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Allen-Carrs-Easy-Stop-Smoking/dp/014103940X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276626781&sr=8-1 Forget 'Tangle toys' your fingers or any other part of you wont miss it once. This book is my best ever read, I stopped 2 years ago now and not one craving, it works on a whole different level. Just wanted to pass that on.


Well done for staying off them for 3weeks, keep it up. I have been threarening to give up for a while, this will be my Umteenth time but Im gonna give it another go.


This is VERY useful.It has stickers,tangletoy,charts and should have a toothbrush but i dont think they are sending those out anymore.Would recommend this pack to anyone wanting to really give up smoking.Im on week 3 and the literature is very motivational.