Smoker BBQ £49.99 @ Aldi

Smoker BBQ £49.99 @ Aldi

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Found 13th May 2016
Aldi Smoker BBQ - In-store only

Seems a very fair price compared to equivalent models elsewhere - I.e.…DU/
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I have this bbq and it is well worth the money, great investment.
unless your into doing modifications like moving the fire box grate, adding latches, stove rope to seal the door a second thermometer at the fire box end and high temperature sealent to all the gaps and holes it will never hold temp for low and slow cooks. if your starting out smoking your better getting a Weber kettle
Totally agree with the above.

These cheap "smoker" style BBQ's are fine for your burgers and chicken drumsticks but as a smoker they're pretty useless. Smoke (and heat) escapes from everywhere and it's nigh on impossible to keep an even temperature for any length of time.

Weber are expensive, as are most of the decent quality smokers, so if you go down this budget route be prepared to compromise - part cook in your household oven and finish off in the smoker is probably the simplest. Otherwise its get out the heatproof sealant and start sealing. You'll also need a decent thermometer, cheap on Amazon and easy to fit. Add up the time, effort and extra expense and you realise that with smokers, you really do get what you pay for.
I've got one of these, but they're no good for smoking. If you want to use it just for a BBQ Grill then fine.

If you're after a proper smoker, get one of these Oil Drum kits:

You'll need an oil drum, but they list where to get them at the bottom of the page
Good price for a BBQ, heat added. HOWEVER don't expect to smoke low'n'slow on it. Unless you are happy to chuck a woofers blanket over it and fit a decent thermometer
Weber Smokey Mountain is the defacto smoker but is over 300 cheapest online for the medium one. Brilliant though, love mine.
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