Smokin' Aces / Smokin' Aces 2 (Blu-ray) £13.95 @TheHut

Smokin' Aces / Smokin' Aces 2 (Blu-ray) £13.95 @TheHut

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I've not seen the second film myself, and from what I've heard it's not that great, but I thought it might be worth a mention on here as this is the cheapest I've seen it yet!

Zavvi - £15.85
Amazon - £15.93
Play - £17.99
HMV - £17.99


I quite like the 2nd one, didnt think I would but has some good direction and story line

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Personally, I didn't mind the first one...

The first is one of the worst films I've seen in a long time.

Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta must've been struggling to accept those roles.

Got to agree on that.

I stopped watching the 1st one after an hour or so. Totally lost interest in seeing the end of it, it was that bad.

It was trying so hard to be a cool, Lock Stock-esque film that it was almost a parody of the genre.

Avoid at all costs.

I thought the first one was brilliant. Didn't even know there was a second one; I'm curious to see it.

what is that stuff that falls out of the back of a cow? Dung.

First one watched = Dung

Had a great set-up for an all out action movie but tried to hard for the oceans eleven style plot twists. Still enjoyable enough just not as cool as it thinks it is.

First one was ok, second film is so bad i would rather die than watch it. I couldnt watch it all had to turn it off and snap the dvd

i quite liked the first one. However, only watch the second if you have nothing else better to do with your life. And even then, re-consider

first one ok to test your cinema surround out

Enjoyed the first one - not seen the second - if it's as bad a sequel as, say, Star Troopers 2, I will avoid lol

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Well, mine arrived this morning. Watching them now
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