Smyths Dimples Tandem Pushchair Reduced From £149.99 to just £59.99

Smyths Dimples Tandem Pushchair Reduced From £149.99 to just £59.99

Found 10th Apr 2013
Seen instore yesterday at their Castle Vale branch in Birmingham. Please note, I cannot find it on their website so you may need to phone your local branch to check stock. Seems a great price for a tandem buggy. I will try to find & download a picture, but it is a traditional tandem buggy with 2 fixed seat units 1 behind the other at the same height. The rear one reclines fully so suitable for newborn, large shopping basket, front swivel wheels, bumper bar, both seats have hoods.
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Do you have a product code or model? Thanx
Was it an ex-display model or just a sale price?
£199.99 online
This looks fab, had a P&T when my two were in a double but looks from the pics that the rear seat can be rear facing on this one which is great. And a definite steal at this price!!
Was £199 instore at Falkirk
Great price, I have. B-Dual but may pop down to Smths tomorrow to check this out and have it as a spare for the in laws house!
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None in the Bristol store

It is not the one which you have linked to. OP stated it was a traditional tandem with 2 fixed seats. It's not like the Mobi, B-Dual or P&T.
Good price for what it is though.
Voted cold because no one has seen this except OP claiming she/he has.
It was just a sale price, not ex-display. Someone else has added the image, but unfortunately it is for the wrong type of tandem. It is similar to the My Child Sienta Duo or Graco Stadium Duo both on sale at Toys R Us for £169.99. I just cannot find an image for it online. Try calling your local Smyths & getting them to check their stock based on the price & description. I just thought it was a great deal, hence sharing it.
Sorry, no product code or model, just that it is their own brand, Dimples. If I get back to store I will try to get some more details for you.
It is also similar to the Cosatto Duet Lite stroller at Mothercare for £250 or the Ladybird Follow Me tandem pushchair at Woolworths for £199 or the Safety 1st Duodeal Tandem pushchair, £165 or the Baby Weavers Tandem pushchair at Kiddicare, £129.99. Hope this helps to avoid any confusion!
Babylo fusion tandem is the right one - £59.99. This is it on another site:…849

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this deal needs to be expired, I just phoned Smyth's in Castle Vale and they say they have three in stock but they're not £59.99 they're the standard £150.00. I asked specifically for Smyth's brand dimples random pushchair.
they have them in my local smyths but front seat seemed a bit small for my 3 year old. really nice looking so this is hot and not expired as was on display with the reduced sticker on
Tarryboy they are lying! The price label was securely attatched to the pushchair & clearly stated it was reduced down from £149.99 to £59.99 & it also said it had previously been reduced to an interim price of £99.99 I believe. The product description certainly matched the product too. It was on the back wall at the far right of the pushchairs on display. Try going into store. Hope you manage to nab one!
Tarryboy they do sell some other tandem pushchairs in their range so perhaps the not so sharp assistant on the end of the phone got them confused?
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