Snake Pass - Nintendo Switch digital download - £7.99

Snake Pass - Nintendo Switch digital download - £7.99

Found 27th Mar
Really well reviewed, been holding out for a sale, bitten (no pun intended) at this price.

Slither, coil and climb your way through the beautiful world of Haven Tor in Snake Pass, a unique physics-based, puzzle platform adventure for Nintendo Switch.

Take control of Noodle the snake as he and his hummingbird companion Doodle investigate the mysterious forces that are disturbing the peace and tranquility of Haven Tor. Slither along using ‘snake physics’ in search of the lost Keystones to unlock the magical Gates that give Haven Tor its power.

With a variety of levels, modes and themes, Snake Pass offers spectacular environments, an amazing soundtrack and plenty of unlockable surprises.
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Frustrating camera and fiddly controls, but reasonable price.
This must have just been discounted as I spent ages going through the trouble to buy it via the Canadian eShop earlier today. Wish I’d just waited now!
Anymore people wanna chime in on this? Heard about it before but didn't appear to live up to the hype, I ain't arsed about visuals and crap I just wanna know if it's actually fun to play or repetitive / boring
Control system is very unique, but can be challenging. Levels seems quite boring but I'm only about 8 stages in. Looks like a stripped back Rare game, quite aliased on Switch which slightly ruins the effect. Pretty sure the original vibrate intensity did something permanent to one joycon but they've patched it since (setting is still really loud). All that said, it's a quality puzzler for 8 quid.
Looks pretty, controls and failing will drive you nuts. Feels like a cheap death rather than a "i can do this" that u feel in other challenging games such as donkey Kong or crash
Finished this on PC. I enjoyed it, something a bit different. Controls are unique but far from impossible if you are willing to practice.
Bought, cheers OP.
My reward points knocked it down to just over a fiver in total, which was cool!
£7.26 in the norway shop....
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