SNATCH (Blu-Ray) - £6.99 Free Delivery (maybe 4% Quidco) at

SNATCH (Blu-Ray) - £6.99 Free Delivery (maybe 4% Quidco) at

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Great film at a cracking price. It's matched by Amazon, but you could possibly get up to 4% Quidco with this.


Heat. Superb film!

Rory Joe;8379478

Heat. Superb film!

Heat is a superb film :thumbsup:

Why the blank would I want a caravan that's got no blanking wheels?

go on then --do you think I aint got the minerals?
Great flick

You show me how to control a wild f***ng gypsy and I'll show you how to control an unhinged, pig-feeding gangster.

Who you gonna shoot with that? zee Germanz!

"We've lost, gorgeus george"
"say that again"
"We've lost, gorgeus george"
"well wear'd you lose him? He's not a set of f******g car keys is he. and it's not like he's incon-f******g-spicious now is it"
"don't worry we've got another fighter, you'll like him, he's mustard"

"I don't care if he's muhammed, I'm hard, bruce lee. You can't change fighters."

Great film :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Avi: Eighty-six carats.
Rosebud: Where?
Avi: London.
Rosebud: London?
Avi: London.
Avi's Colleague: London?
Avi: Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary f*****g Poppins... LONDON.

Plenty of people on here seem to like Snatch.

I do too

Everyone loves a snatch

I think that's rather expensive for such a rubbish movie.

do the £5 off trick and get it for £1.99,now thats a steal

Gotta love a bit of HD snatch

Put a lead on her turkish before she gets bitten, and you dont want to get bitten now do you sweatheart?

May take a while to get here with the backlog though!

fantastic film, ordered and heat added. Thanks


do the £5 off trick and get it for £1.99,now thats a steal

Whats this trick then buddy? Cheers

I'm wanting to know this £5 trick. Is it order over £50, use the code, then cancel the other item

its a code for £5 off a £50 spend,add a game or something else thats a preorder to make it up to 50 then the £5 will be taken off the bluray,once the bluray has been shipped cancel the other item.

make sure the other item is a preorder item that isnt out for a while to ensure u dont get charged for it.

PLANW10 is the code

this is an old trick but it still works fine,i used it the other day to get law abiding citizen on bluray for £9.99 as opposed to the £14.99

Just tried it on a blu-ray i was after, and it works.

One of my favourite films ever. So many quotes.

- Do you like dags?
- What?
- Dags?
- Oh, right, dags. Sure, I like dags.

Oh and...

- Don't worry about Tyrone, he can move when he has to. You've done a rally course, haven't you Tyrone?
- 'Course I have.

"When i throw a dog a bone, I dont want to know if it tastes good"


"What's that?"
"It's a shotgun, Sol"
"It's a f***ing anti-aircraft gun, Vincent!"

"You ain't from this planet, are you, Vincent? Who is gonna mug two black fellas, holding pistols, sitting in a car … that's worth less than your shirt?".

Voted hot.

Do you know what I mean by the word Nemesis?

"It was a funny angle!"



Do you know what I mean by the word Nemesis?

*Do you know what nemesis means?
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