Snickers 4-pack £1.00 @Sainsbury

Snickers 4-pack £1.00 @Sainsbury

Found 22nd Jun 2013
This one comes and goes, but gradually getting rarer. Also Mars, Bounty (milk choc doubles) and Twix. But if you get can a Marathon, who needs 'em?
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If you have an Asda near you, try THIS OFFER for 7-for-£1-packs - but it seems to be 7 for £2 most places
If it was 4 for £0.99 it would make a change, it's same offer tarted around the big 4 supermarkets week in, week out, that essentially promotes 'offer price' collusion between retailers. The chocolate market in the UK is all but rigged around a ball park price of £1.00 per 100g, yet outside the big 4, supermarkets can offer chocolate for 17p per 100g.
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