Snickers with MR T on for 18p @ local coop stores
Snickers with MR T on for 18p @ local coop stores

Snickers with MR T on for 18p @ local coop stores

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After my sucessfull venture to my local coop yesterday - where i found 1 twix xtra fro 30p

I returned with my good friend chris today, and if my magic the discount basket was brimming with what can only be described as " cut price"

I found a snicker for 18p, and it had Mr Ts face on it, not only was it a snack, but it was lunch with the living legend that is Mr T.

On that note
"i pitty the fool who dont go to there local coop and take advantage of this"



worth it just for the picture of mr t alone


Hot !!

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give it some heat

Does this mean that the Snickers bar is inspired by Mr-T?

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maybe not inspired, but thinking on it, i will not rule this out.

Voted hot, as good price and piccie of Mr. T on front will scare kiddies, leaving it for us adults!

better than the mother theresa i guess:thumbsup:

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eh? - dont follow

Taking a lead from Lloyd Grossman, I've been waiting for a 'Pity The Fool' range of Mr-T meals for about 20yrs - when oh when are they going to be available. ;-)

Voted hot, just for the amusing description and story you put together.

It provided myself and a few others at work with a good chuckle.

Great find!

Let's hope they do all the A-Team characters such as Murdock and Face. :roll:

I ain't getting on no Plane!

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Fool !

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the man the legend GARY_RIP has hooked us all up


Hmmmm.... is this a hot deal? Of course it is!

Hehe, good ole BA Baracas... so this is in every local co-op? Even the little shops? Worth walking .5 of a mile to see if it's in? lol

Thanks for the cheer up mate!!! Aint the best deal...but well worth the banter!

I work for co-op(no jokes please) and this ain't an all over deal so must just be local one, so don't make to much of an effort jakenjo!!!!!


BTW I work at the coop in croydon and we have them in

pigsmightfly you must have missed memo 2145 from brian peterson uk manager

Morrisons are selling 5+2 packs (with Mr T on them) for £1.35 which is 19p each.

My apologies ismay must be a regional deal then cos it cetainly aint up here in sunny Scotland co-ops


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19p aint 18p

but 1p is 1p

I aint goin in no plane! You fool!

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plank over the head - o no not again

Quit ur jibber jabber :oops:

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get the heat added - lets get this baby on the top deal for the week

mail your friends

you should get a job in marketing ^^

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Mr T dont need promoting - FOOL

I like your style littlehoneyz

I Got One, Yay! Mmmm Watching Footy

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going back today - what will the basket hold?

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new post - skittles are going hot at 14p


worth it just for the picture of mr t alone

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