Sniper Elite 3 £4.59 (80% off) @ Steam

Sniper Elite 3 £4.59 (80% off) @ Steam

Found 4th Aug 2017Edited by:"upset.brown.pant"
A repeat of the deal from 6 weeks ago.

Sniper Elite 3 at 80% off. Normally £22.99. This equals the lowest ever price.

Sniper Elite 3 + Season Pass is 75% off at £8.74, Normally £34.99. which is what I went for.
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    Very tempted. Cheers OP. Heat.
    Bought this ages ago for a lot more as I really enjoyed SE2.
    Could not get into this one though and it still sits uncompleted on Steam. Should have done what I usually do and wait for it to reduce to this sort of level then buy it and not play it
    I crumbled and bought it.
    Original Poster
    good man!
    good game, the testicle shots never get old lol
    Thanks OP. Purchased.
    Bought the season pass bundle in summer sale, I don't see the season pass being worth it considering the general game is mediocre, I really loved sniper elite 1 & 2 but this one is meh, probably due to the setting
    How is the online population comapred to v2?
    must resist more games
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