Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition PC £8.99 @ CDKeys

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition PC £8.99 @ CDKeys

Found 29th Oct 2017
cdkeys another good deal includes full game
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Awesome, had sniper 2 but ran into the sound bug and gave up on it. This will go nicely in my new ryzen 5 build
Brilliant game picked it up a few months ago at around 9.99 with the DLC, the DLC adds lots of extra missions, all the past problems have been patched out long ago.
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Odd, when I went to download in the email it has 2 codes, put in first one and got the game in library put in 2nd and says product already owned. Yet I only bought 1 and was charged for 1.
Buy 1 and 1 get free
casadous4 h, 9 m ago

Buy 1 and 1 get free

My mouse was knackered, most of the time when doing a single click it would do a double click, drove me crazy. I wonder if somehow it ordered me two, but my email says quantity 1 and paypal only 1 transaction. Changed mouse over to my spare now. Was only £8.54 I believe with 5% off facebook code too.
Super sweet game when played like it was meant to eg
Best thing about it is how open ended it is, so tired of following "corridors" in games...thanks OP!
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Take that back, game is pretty crap with stupid FarCry "outpousts cleared" , having to 'drive' a car with the most stupid car physics eva between every single misison, no way to replay old missions... Very poor. Shooting mechanics are good, but everything else meh
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