Sniper: Ghost Warrior | Xbox 360 | £24.97 or £21.22 with code @ Tesco Ent.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior | Xbox 360 | £24.97 or £21.22 with code @ Tesco Ent.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior | Xbox 360 | £24.97 or £21.22 with code @ Tesco Ent.

City Interactive focuses on the stealth tactics of elite Marine snipers in this first-person shooter based deep in the jungles of Isla Trueno.
With countless first-person shooters already focusing on the over-the-top and visceral combat automatic weaponry provides, Sniper – Ghost Warrior takes a more measured and stealth-like approach, instead focusing on the subtle tactics of Marine snipers. Equipped with a ghillie suit that makes them almost impossible to detect in dense jungle foliage, players must aid a Latin rebellion from the shadows, attacking with well-placed headshots from afar.
Offering one of the most realistic depictions of sniping yet seen in gaming, Sniper – Ghost Warrior allows players to control their breathing for increased accuracy and deal with environmental effects such as wind and rain that can drastically alter the trajectory of a given shot. Players can also defend their chosen position with explosives and attack silently with throwing knives. A number of mission types are on offer, including sniper vs. sniper elimination and fix machine gun combat.
Sniper – Ghost Warrior offers a refreshing change of pace for shooter fans, allowing them to experience a more tactical form of combat hidden in the shadows.

Use code "FTSL15-1" to bring price down to £21.22
Cheapest around with or without code.


I'm not voting either way but this game is terrible. I was really disappointed with it. I love stealth sniper type games but in reality this game is neither. It easier and more practical just to whip out your handgun and charge though the levels all guns blazing. The map design doesn't even fit a sniper type game since you're in heavy jungle terrain most of the time!.

**** poor
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