Snooker or Pool half price at Rileys
50% off Snooker or Pool at Riley's until end of march if you book online even on the 3 hours for 2 deal.


Good deal, although if you're having a drink, the £10 night out deal is probably better. The £10 deal gives 2 hours or table play and 2 free drinks. If you're just playing the tables without any drinks, then this deal wins offering 3 hours of play for £7 (in my local club anyway).

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the £10 deal is for non members joining is it not?

This deal is for members

I used the £10 deal to start off my bday night out =p now am a member ill defo use this. Heat plus rep

No, the £10 deal is for members and non-members. If already a member, you just get the 2 hours pool and 2 drinks. I did this just on Saturday, so it's definitely fine.
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