Snow Glow Elsa £37 @ Amazon US
Snow Glow Elsa £37 @ Amazon US

Snow Glow Elsa £37 @ Amazon US

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snow glow elsa amazon .com great price inc delivery there like gold dust at the moment sold out in the uk


I've not voted but I think it's going cold because it's already been posted a few times

I think it's because of the £11 postage and £7 import fee...

Ridiculous the price people are selling these for in the uk. I ordered one when I got the email from stock finder. Hope it gets here in time now.

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havent seen it today they have only just come in stock

Managed to order one from amazon.com just over £36. Some people from Stock Informer ordered last Friday & got theirs today. Really pleased as getting one has been a nightmare. Voting Hot!!

Got one.woo hoo.xx

No idea why people are voting this cold. I've ordered mine.

Estimated delivery date:
Friday, December 12, 2014 -
Monday, December 22, 2014

Fingers crossed.

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the doll sells here for £34.99 if u can find stock they sell on ebay £65 plus getting higher each day i just got one for £37.00 delivered from usa i call that a deal strange people on this forum

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just seen one on ebay priced at £999 great deal haha

I just ordered 2 for £67.77 so £34 each!

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great deal

OOS - won't allow you to add to basket, says no longer available


I think it's because of the £11 postage and £7 import fee...

Don't forget the customs handling fee

amazon withold a fee for customs duties etc. ill let you all know when mine arrive

We got charged £9 postage and then Royal Mail kept parcel as we needed to pay a further £11 importation fee which we knew nothing about it wasn't for this item just a £18 personalised bag. Would never order from USA again

I've voted hot I've seen how ridiculous they are selling on eBay so this seems relatively reasonably priced considering it's coming from the states


Don't forget the customs handling fee

There is no custom handling fee i buy from amazon.com alot if you buy direct from them anything under 15 pound has no charges just shipping anything ordered under 135 pound has a import fee and shipping but thats it all charges paid no nasty door surprises and some items are still cheaper even with that on top. You also sometime have some of the import fees refunded to you

Still cheaper than £60 on ebay hot!!

Back in stock $34.99. Postage and handling fees etc added on to make the total price $55 so around the same as here I'm guessing around £37 in total. Mines has been shipped ordered last week from this site

I got mine from asda black friday £25 ive got to have got the best deal ever i didnt know how popular they were either at the time.

Ordered mine last Monday and can see from the Amazon.com order tracker that it crossed from the US to Middlesex yesterday. Looks like it's going to arrive well in advance of Christmas.
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