Snow glow frozen elsa in stock toys r us.COM. $34.99

Snow glow frozen elsa in stock toys r us.COM. $34.99

Found 30th Nov 2014
Worth noting this is in stock on the American site. Not sure how much international delivery etc is but may help someone as i know some people ordered this from american amazon site too.
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Charge tax on top
And there's me thinking this website was for Hot UK Deals.
international shipping not offered so a pointless post
Edited by: "xstevo99" 30th Nov 2014
We ended up paying postage for an item from USA of £9 n then post office kept our parcel bcus we needed to pay international handling fee of £11.33. Our item only cost £18 wud never order from USA again
Oh well . . .
If you do your research you can get some good deals from buying off American website's.
I got one of my daughters Christmas presents from the US for £40 and that included postage and customs. The item sells for between £60-£70 in the UK!
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