SNOW SHOVEL SLEDGE £1.99   in store  at Decahlon

SNOW SHOVEL SLEDGE £1.99 in store at Decahlon

Found 1st Mar
£1.99 in store
Designed for adults and children over 3 years old who are looking for a solid, easy to use, lightweight and compact sled.
The snow shovel is an easy-to-use sledge. Sit down and let it carry you away!
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I might need two
OOS in my area
These type of sledge are amazing !

Years ago i went skiing with my school and a load of us bought these type of sledge and there were rapid.

Put it this way,imagine the scene from Christmas vacation where Chevy Chase goes down the mountain on a greased up sled with flames coming out the back,well that was what 30 of us all looked like.
Epic price but doubt I'm getting anywhere near a Decathalon until the snow melts
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