Snowfire Ointment Stick 18g from Amazon 49p delivered!!

Snowfire Ointment Stick 18g from Amazon 49p delivered!!

Found 27th May 2011
Sold by Health Pharm Direct and a bargain as it cost £5.69 for 3 and delivery is fulfilled by Amazon

My mother in law swears by this and according to reviews it's a brilliant old fashioned cure to chapped, broken or rough skin, The blurb on Amazon says:
'A solid emollient ointment for dry skin. Suitable for those prone to dry skin conditions such as chapped hands'



Ordered a couple

Winters not far away now ! lol

Just read the reviews and they say its a fantastic product! I have ordered 4, thanks op, head added

Great for chilbains too - HOT

Well worth a punt. Also ordered a couple. If it heals cracks, maybe it'll heal my wrinkles! lol. HOT.
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ordered 2 and didnt realise that I had 76p left from a previous gift code. not bad for 11p each

My Mum swears by this stuff as 49p you can't go wrong.

Brilliant stuff. I work at Boots and we sell this for about £5 a tube. Great for chilblains!!

Ta. 3 ordered

Is this the green block,I used it for chapped lips 30 yrs ago and it was great

Yep, its green. I split my heal last summer on holiday and it took forever to heal up, it was agony but according to the reviews this stuff would have worked.

Expired, price just went to £3.05

still £0.49p for 1 for me... just ordered 2

Maybe I ordered the last two, have just recieved confirmation email. Thank you OP.

This will not add to your basket - expired??

But thank you for the post great deal for those of you who were lucky.

Thank you I managed to order a couple but now its gone unavailable.

Original Poster

Will now expire. Shame it didn't last that long but glad that (most) of you all got a good deal.

OOS...Now £3.05...from a seller

Thanks OP
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