Snowman Hot Chocolate Maker now £5.64!!!!   Amazon (was £20)

Snowman Hot Chocolate Maker now £5.64!!!! Amazon (was £20)

Found 5th Apr 2009Made hot 5th Apr 2009
I bought one of these last year and had put it in my wish list to keep track of when it went on sale again. It's finally dropped in price to £5.64. This is a pretty substantial sized unit, with a porcelain base that takes about a litre of milk. Pop it in the microwave, and once the milk is warmed add chocolate mix to create your fav hot drink. A mixing unit (and cover) allows you to combine everything without making a mess. I'm picking up a couple as stocking stuffers for christmas! Enjoy JD


Excellent! Never seen one of these before and know somebody who will just love this for Christmas, Heat & rep added!

price is showing as £17.99 now

bought one of these from amazon for £2.98 and it still wasent worth it not a good item:)

it is not expired..
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