Snuggledown Wash and Dry Me Duck Down Pillow £31.22 @ Amazon

Snuggledown Wash and Dry Me Duck Down Pillow £31.22 @ Amazon

Found 25th Jan 2018Edited by:"KickThaBucket"
This price may seem a bit steep for a pillow, but the RRP is £49.99. I purchased one as a " Amazon lightning deal" price of £35 just before Christmas, It is the best price for comfort pillow you can buy. It is worlds ahead of cheaper natural or even synthetic pillows on the market. The quality is fantastic.

These pillow are composed of 70% Duck down and 30% Duck feather, this is what gives them a higher price tag as apposed to other natural based pillows which contain more feather than down. The cover is 100% cotton and 230 thread count.

Snuggledown is a company based in Norway and their bedding is made in Britain, their down and feather is sourced as a byproduct of food production, so they're ethical sourced.
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Hot from me, these are pure luxury
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