Snugglesafe microwaveable heat pad - 25.02 for two Vet UK

Snugglesafe microwaveable heat pad - 25.02 for two Vet UK

Found 18th Oct 2010
Just the thing for rabbits hutches during winter. I've just ordered two for our rabbits at a cost of 25.02 delivered, working out at just 12.51 each.

They are quite expensive in pets at home, but vet uk are giving free delivery on orders over 19 pounds.

There is also a discount code nbab10 giving 10 percent off which I found on (I just google vetuk discount code).

If this doesn't get hot, at least my rabbits will be!

Description below :

Snugglesafe Microwaveable Heat Pad & Cover is a microwavable heatpad for your cat or dog that can be microwaved ready for use in just 6 minutes.

Snugglesafe will provide constant warmth for up to 12 hours. It is specially designed to maintain a constant, stable temperature of 52 degrees Celsius for 5-6 hours.

Comes complete with cover but also fits inside of the Bruno or Bonze (seriously fluffy and cute) cushions.

Ideal for all kittens, cats, puppies and adult dogs.
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Nice, heat added. When I was a kid, my dad dad said I could get a rabbit, but that we'd be setting it free in the winter rather than fork out to keep it warm/alive, and that he'd just buy me a new one each spring. Needless to say, I never took him up on his offer.
heat added, i brought a heat pad for my rabbit a few years ago at about about £20. its fantastic, its durable and lasts.
i would recomend this product 100% its a great way to keep your pets snug in the winter months
usually use hot water bottle in my rabbits cage - do you think this would be better?
just seen constant warmth for up to 12 hour! so that answers by question
The voucher code doesn't work...
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