Soap Shoes @ SkateHut for £5!!!!

Soap Shoes @ SkateHut for £5!!!!

Found 23rd Nov 2015
These are popular during the 90s but there may be fans out there that would benefit from this. Selected size though so grab yours if they come in your sizes.
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Got some last time they are quite heavy for the kids feet.
~Rollin' around at the speed of sound!~

Got some last time they are quite heavy for the kids feet.

Agreed. The fit is a bit hit or miss too. Got a few pairs, the sole is exactly the same size on the outside, all feel very different inside. Can't really argue for a fiver though.

Customer service and returns were amazing.

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Adult or kids size?
Well i said no more shoes a few weeks back, i lied, missed these first time around as there were so many styles by the time i chose them they didnt have my size, learnt my lesson lol
What exactly do they grind on?

What exactly do they grind on?

​anything with a smooth curved edge.
I had a pair back in the 90s. I'd probably break my neck if I tried to use these now!
Ordered, can't go wrong for a 5er. Thanks op.

What exactly do they grind on?

"Popular in the late 90s and early 00s, Soap Shoes are similar to aggressive inline skates. They have a plastic plate in the sole which allows you to grind on pipes, handrails, benches and stone ledges etc. It is one of the few land-based extreme sports that can be easily practiced in both dry and wet conditions."
i came here for the comments... shoes made out of soap? they won't last long, you will have clean feet tho X)
Used to love these had a pair back in 1998 went down many a stair set via the handrails without stepping on a single step
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thx ordered a pair
Had a pair if the first soaps in black and wore them to school, much fun was had on these things.
only sizes 4-8
If you come out of the Black Friday offers on skate hit and go to the menu and select the sale - accessories - replacement soap grind plates are on offer too @ £2.99 a pair! Worth having a spare set of grind plates whilst on offer

only sizes 4-8

Size 9 available as well
mine arrived and im quite impressed, they are a bit heavy though, tried removing the plates to lighten them but then they do start to resemble a high heel trainer. Would definitely buy another pair at the crazy £5 price
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