SOCOM Confrontation for PS3 including Wireless Headset - £19.97 @ Currys instore

SOCOM Confrontation for PS3 including Wireless Headset - £19.97 @ Currys instore

Found 20th May 2009
I've just been into my local Currys (Livingston) to see if they had any of the Singstar games in stock (as mentioned on another thread), and whilst I was looking I noticed they had this on the shelf.

Socom Confrontation - Including the official PS3 Wireless headset

And all for the tiny price of £19.97! It is still showing as £39.97 online.
I'm just off now to cancel my order for the headset I ordered at

Hopefully this is a nationwide offer, and it can benefit others. There was only one on the shelf at my local, don't know if they had any more behind the counter though?


Anyone else able to confirm this ? please say yes ! Missed out on the Zavvi deal and want a headset.

Doubt it will be nationwide as it's still full price for reserve and collect.

please can someone say... i have a MAJOR desire to own this, but the multiplayer only aspect has put me off at full price

Hmm - 20 min detour to check this on my way home - is it worth a gamble . . .

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Hold that thought.........

Just got back to check my receipt. It says

"Discount Manager Offer - Manager Discrettion - -£20.00"

It looks like this may have only been store specific, although that's not to say it won't be at your local store, just less likely as the game did originally scan through at £39.97. Sorry if I got anyones hopes up.
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