soda stream £34.99 @ sainsburys INSTORE

soda stream £34.99 @ sainsburys INSTORE


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60 Litre cylinder
2x1L Carbonating bottles
2x0.5L Carbonating bottles
12 sample flavours

ps. on top of the box it stated you can receive £10 FREE !!! (I am guessing this would be off a purchase of one of their products)

this pack is the ...Sodastream Genesis Drinksmaker Megapack and after a quick google i found the cheapest to be from £49
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last year I bought 3 x sodastreams, 3 x gas canister things and 12 x full size sodastream flavous for just under £15 thanks to HUKD's. I gave 2 away as Christmas gifts and kept one for myself. I love it. It's used almost daily.

Just to let n Ireland users know your £10 voucher that comes with this box is useless as I found out,we in n Ireland cannot purchase from sodastream online as they don't deliver here.I did send them an email about this and they are going to send me a pack of samples as a good will gesture for not being able to use my £10 off.

Same price on amazon. from seller deals on the net..... £32.04 + £2.95 pp

Voting cold because of the product (regardless of price).

soda stream evil company!



PMSL!!!!! Very funny spoof site.

Thanks for sharing

sorry but in wich sainsbury?

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Coventry canley
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