Sodastream Fizzi White - £10 OFFER AVAILABLE FROM 9 AM, 24/08

Sodastream Fizzi White - £10 OFFER AVAILABLE FROM 9 AM, 24/08

Found 24th Aug 2017
The Fizzi 400
Fizzi White
Join the sparkling water revolution by getting your hands on the all new, award-winning Fizzi White and fall in love with the SodaStream of 2017 and beyond.

You’ll have to be quick – we have only 400 available at this exclusive, one-time price (RRP. £99.99).

The Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker turns water into fresh, sparkling water in seconds. It is designed to capture the essence of SodaStream’s original machines while incorporating a new sleek design – a stylish addition to any modern kitchen.

The Fizzi White kit includes:

  • Fizzi sparkling water maker
  • 1 Litre BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle
  • 60L CO2 cylinder (can make up to 60L of sparkling water)
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Got mine, bargain! Costs that for a gas refill!
Good deal if you're after one. I was about to buy, but then realised sparkling water is 17p/2litres at aldi. So £5 for 60 litres.
Managed to snag one for my sister, what a brilliant price! Thanks OP!
Great price. Bought one - reminds me of my childhood, ahhh happy days!
£3.99 delivery
Difficult check out, but says its processing in orders. Thanks OP
Won't deliver to where I live
Cheers! Can't complain at this price
brilliant thank you
Keeps saying I've got one in my basket but I haven t
Got one! A brilliant saving, thanks OP.

You can also select collect+ for £2.99 delivery
this was posted last night and deleted. I'm not sure why? I ordered one this morning anyway and got the reduced mixers for 99p aswell
great , there are 2 flavours to add for 99p as well
Insane price! Great deal op!
I've posted this on previous Sodastream deals, but I'll put it here again in case people are unaware -

We use ours to turn ordinary wine into 'Shampagne'! Need to leave it a long time to settle after carbonating, and release the pressure slowly, but it tastes lovely on a nice warm summer evening. Just need a nice warm summer evening now!
Thanks, another £15 spent on something I didn't need
Somehow managed to buy two on the same order even though it said limited to one per person... first ordered one with cola and as that was in my basket I could order another one and chose a different flavour. So will save the spare and use as a Christmas gift.
All gone I think
So gutted, always wanted one, it kept telling me I had one in my basket already, but I didn't
Thanks, just managed to snag one before it expired!
No delivery to northern Ireland
Think I must have just snagged one of the last about 5 minutes ago. Many thanks.
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I *think* I got one... got the confirmation emails but the website was a bit 'iffy' by the time I got there... ^_^
Thanks OP, "shampagne" here I come. ^_~
donnamaca19 m ago

this was posted last night and deleted. I'm not sure why? I ordered one …this was posted last night and deleted. I'm not sure why? I ordered one this morning anyway and got the reduced mixers for 99p aswell

Probably so the mods could make sure they got one.
I think I managed to get one just now, think it's still available.
Payment taken from Paypal but then the website crashed
Yep, still available. Ordered one half an hour ago and it's still letting me order another now.
Thanks op, think I managed to get one, got the invoice from PayPal and the order is showing in my account. Worth it just for the spare bottle of gas.
Odd - just ordered and had it all confirmed. I suppose we'll see ...
Still available jus got one
Weird - link still works for me so bought another two for more Christmas presents... Have the confirmation email as well. I hope I get all my orders delivered!.

Double checking after this deal has expired and the link still remains active and I can put more at the £10 price in my basket?... I don't want to go overboard and buy more...
yep ive just ordered 3 seperatly.
nougat9 m ago

yep ive just ordered 3 seperatly.


Terms and Conditions:
  • The £10 offer is for a SodaStream Fizzi White sparkling water maker which includes:
    • One Fizzi White sparkling water maker
    • One 1 litre carbonating bottle
    • One CO2 cylinder
  • The offer is redeemable only through
  • Postage and packaging will be charged at check-out.
  • Offer available from 24th August 2017 - while stocks lasts (only 400 Fizzi white machines are available to purchase at this one-off price).
  • No other offers or coupon codes can be used in conjunction with this offer.
  • Limit of one SodaStream Fizzi White sparkling water maker £10 exclusive per person and per household and limited to the first four hundred customers who will purchase the SodaStream Fizzi White sparkling water maker £10 exclusive online. SodaStream reserves the right to cancel any order if SodaStream suspects, in its sole discretion, a duplicate order.
  • This offer is available only to UK residents excluding employees of SodaStream Worldwide Trading Company and their immediate family members.
  • Orders will only be delivered to a geographic address within the mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland. Delivery within the UK will take up to 3 workings days from the day the order is placed. Deliveries to the highlands of Scotland can take up to 4 working days from the day the order is placed.
  • SodaStream reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, amend or suspend this offer at any time and for any reason.
Cheers ordered, hope it's in 4 my sons birthday nxt wk, was looking at them in asda yesterday the play black model is down to £20 for anyone who didn't get 1

Availability: Out of stock.

sammypants37 m ago


Maybe I should explain.
I clicked through once and the it crashed at checkout so I clicked through again and ended up with 2 in my basket. I was in a rush and didn't notice. Then I read the terms so ordered another one alone. So hopefully I should at least get one! I'll pm you if I end up with 3 as I don't need 3 at all.
BertNernie48 m ago

Availability: Out of stock.

I just ordered one
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